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3 Factors to Consider When Working from Home

Working from home is one of the most polarizing aspects of modern working life. For some, being able to commute to the study and be around for the family is a blessing and helps you refocus your productivity. For others, not being in a suit and tie or simply being separated from colleagues, makes working life difficult. Since 2005, working from home has increased by 140% – and those who work remotely even just once per month are reportedly 24% more fruitful and content. So, if you’re considering the leap to working from home full-time, what could you do to make the transition more productive?

Be Disciplined

One of the major issues some people have with working from home is the lack of discipline that going into a work environment loses. Some ensure they are at their desk for 9am, dressed formally, regardless, while others cram their work into smaller bursts and lose the distinction between home life and working life. The former can lose some of the benefits of flexibility (40% feel flexibility is the main benefit of working remotely), but the latter can lead to productivity problems. If you work and live in the same place, the boundaries between the two can make it feel as though you never have any downtime.

Remortgage for Renovations

Keeping boundaries between your work and home lives is imperative. If your heart is set on a new space for your work – or you require a studio, a suite, or a workshop – then you could always complete the renovation with a remortgage. Online mortgage broker Trussle allows you to compare mortgages and remortgage deals from 90 lenders to find the best option for you. The 12,000 possible deals you could find will all differ and offer different benefits – from interest rate to capital repayments, upfront fees to incentives. These will depend on you, your capital, and where you see your future going. Opting to remortgage not only lets you see deals you otherwise might have missed but allows you to put your future earnings against a necessary home improvement in the present.

Keep Communication Lines Open

One of the major pitfalls of remote working is the lack of camaraderie and socialisation that work brings. Being in an open-plan office and having colleagues means you are constantly socialising – with people you wouldn’t otherwise go out of your way to speak to. So, when you do move to work alone, it’s important to find some way of keeping that social spirit alive. Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings could help keep communication open with colleagues, as long as you’re not questioning the reasons internet is slow, online meetings are a great way to feel inclusive. Many who work alone attend networking or co-working events in order to speak to other professionals in a less formal setting.

Working from home – like office-based work – has its pros and cons. For some, it works perfectly. For others, it doesn’t. Before you embark on working from home full-time, make sure you have worked from home when you have felt productive and content. But, also try it when you are feeling unproductive and find work difficult, to get a true grasp of the full working from home experience. If you know it’s definitely for you, make sure you keep it separate from home life, choose a designated working space and keep communicating with others outside your house.