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7 Tips That Make Traveling With A Pet Hassle-Free

Interstate travel or going for a holiday, traveling with your four-legged companion, is a fulfilling feeling. It is a lot of fun to travel with your pet, but it requires a lot of planning prior. As per a recent poll, almost 18 percent of travelers love taking their pets with them. Before you decide on bringing your pet, you must research, gather information, and analyze the expenses that you need to bear. The rules and regulations differ as per the mode of transportation. But here are the seven tips to make your trip hassle-free.

1. Meet the Vet

Before taking your pet for any long-distance travel, it is advisable to check with your vet to know if they are physically stable to travel. Visit your regular veterinary doctor as he/she will be aware of the pet’s health conditions. The doctor will do an overall health checkup of your pet and see if your pet requires any vaccinations or rabies shots. Discuss with the vet about any concerns you are having regarding the travel. Let the vet know of any anxiety issues or upset stomach problems that your pet is going through. In some cases cbd for pets is also useful to reduce anxiety and stress in pets. Your vet might consider sedating your pet if the anxiety issue is severe or else do not sedate your pet. If your vet shows you a green card, it means you are ready to go.  

2. By Air/road

If you are traveling by air, then be ready to go through a lot of paperwork. The rules and regulations for domestic and international airline travel are different for pets. Contact the airline executive before booking your flight tickets to understand the specific requirements for carrying your pet. The airlines might advise you for a pet carrier for in-cabin flight. If your trip has multiple stoppages, then the rules also change from airline to airline. Make sure to carry all the paper to avoid last-minute mishappenings. Another tip is to let your pet do a lot of exercises just before travel. It will make your pet tired, and they will sleep peacefully through the entire flight.

For road travels, take care of your pet, just like you would take care of a baby. The pet carrier must be well ventilated and should have enough space for the pet to stand, sit, or sleep. Make sure that your pet doesn’t stick its head outside the window to prevent any injury.

3. Set a budget

Traveling with your pet friend often comes with a cost too. It is crucial to make your travel as hassle-free as possible. The vet bills, flight fares/car rentals, hotel rates, pet food/drink, toys, etc are some of the expenses that you need to consider. Make a list of all such costs to foresee the budget you need and keep some extra for miscellaneous. A good way to keep costs down is to look out for handy discounts and coupons, much like Nutra Thrive Coupon Code, as you may find a bargain for your pet companion.

4. Pet-friendly accommodation and research about the place

When you book a hotel or room with your pet, check with the hotel authorities first to know about the rules and regulations. You can call and email them to understand the policies regarding pets. You must also research the environment you are traveling to. Check out online if there are pet care facilities available and if yes, which is the nearest one. It will allow you to leave your pet in the care of someone when you are busy with some work. You can look for local groups on social media to enquire about the place. 

5. Microchip

Although most pets have their collar as an id, sometimes it can fall off, and reuniting with your pet can be difficult. That is why microchipping your pet before a trip is essential. A microchip is an electronic identification chip placed inside the skin of a pet. Each microchip contains the owner’s details like name, mobile number, and address. The benefit of getting your pet microchipped is that it allows you to find your pet if you lose them. Animal shelters and vet clinics can scan the microchip to reach the owner. If your pet is already microchipped, then ensure that your contact details are up-to-date. The best part of the chip is that it lasts for a long time. According to a study, the chances of finding your pet with a microchip are higher than the ones with no chip.

6. Meal and Hydration

When traveling by road, you have control over the feeding time of your pet. Make stoppages in between the trip to serve your pet with food. You must also hydrate them and take them for a walk to let them relieve themselves in a secluded area.

Before traveling by air, do not feed your pet with a heavy meal. Instead, feed your pet with a portion of light food and then feed again before getting on a flight. You can also feed your pet four hours before the travel time. This way, you avoid any stomach upsetting situation. Also, it is a good idea to carry their favorite food instead of buying any new brand food item while on the go. Any new food item from a new brand can also upset their stomach. You can shop from the official Pet Life Store for some excellent pet food with varieties of dry, wet, and dehydrated items.

In addition, you may wish to consider adding a supplement, such as Nutra Thrive for Dogs to your dog’s meals. This not only makes the meals more delicious but also adds a powerful boost to their overall health; aiding immune function, digestion, joint health, and coat quality too.

7. Disciplined Itinerary

Discipline is essential for both you and your pet. It will keep both of you active by following a time table of going for a walk, feeding, playing, and sleeping. Also, it is crucial to train your pet to listen to you, especially when you are traveling internationally. Some countries have specific laws on barking dogs. Make sure your pets are well-mannered to avoid any nuisance to fellow travellers.


The above are the seven tips that will make your trip with your pet hassle-free. Your relationship with your pet is based on pure love, and you must preserve this beautiful relationship by making their journey comfortable. Although there are many rules, regulations, and policies involved, if you plan in prior, your trip can be a smooth one. If you are going on a business trip along with your pet, then it would be a good idea to ask any of your family members to accompany you. It will give your pet a company, and they won’t feel lonely.