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How Can I Manage a Team Working from Home?

Around the world, more workers are adjusting to life working remotely as opposed to in the office setting. It is a challenge that some will adapt to easier than others for various reason. Whether it is because some just prefer to work in their own environment, or don’t have the distractions of children running around them as they attempt to get some work done, the one thing you shouldn’t do at this time is comparing yourself to someone who appears to be flying.

We all have our own challenges that we are facing at the moment and, if you are the person responsible for managing a team, then you will do well to keep this in mind. While working is a welcomed distraction for many, some struggle to find the motivation away from their normal office desk and working alongside their colleagues. They can feel somewhat isolated which then harms their productivity.

Now, more than ever, do not be overly critical of any member of staff that this describes. Try to be as understanding as possible and try to find a solution that works for all parties. Businesses are being forced to be more flexible than ever before, and team leaders must follow suit.


Making sure that we stay in communication is key, not just professionally but in all aspects of life. With various channels such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and even the likes of Skype and Facebook, staying in touch with each other has never been easier. Arrange a regular time for a video conference call where the team can check in with one another just to keep everyone updated, but to also maintain some form of connection.

As well as this, still make sure to take time to check in with anyone on a one-on-one basis if you feel that they need it. Catch up with them and ask how they are getting on and if there is anything that they are struggling with that either you or another member of the team can help with. It is all about support each other, which is a practice that the best teams do at any given point.

Managing Finances

This is always a key issue for any manager that is responsible for a budget, and no more so than now. Businesses around the world are looking at ways and means of keeping costs down to a minimum, especially those that have seen a massive hit to their sources of revenue. This, naturally, leaves many employees feeling uncertain about their futures.

If you are responsible for a budget, this may be a good time to conduct a pay review on the company, as well as looking into other areas (such as any services the company pays for etc…) where money is being spent. Even if your company is not in a position where you have to make difficult decisions if there is a decrease in the workload you can turn a negative into a positive and use the opportunity to better prepare your company for the future.


With a team all working remotely, you need to ensure that everything is as transparent as possible. This means setting up a means so as your team can report on what has been achieved every day or week so as you can see what level of productivity the business is working at, as well as making sure that everyone is on the same page (and no work is being missed and/or duplicated).

Given time, you might just find that this new way of working is something that can potentially be incorporated in the long run. After all, more and more business have been moving towards remote working anyway, and this may just be an acceleration to what will become a new norm.