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Selecting the Right Guardian for Your Child: 7 factors to consider for making the right decision

When Batman returned home from his adventures, Alfred sprang into action. He would be by Batman’s side with a flurry of questions and a hot cup of cocoa. We grew up watching this remarkable duo save the world and still be a tight-knit family no one could cross. 

Alfred was the comic superhero Batman’s butler and was first appointed as a family valet. When Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) parents died, Alfred became the guardian and parent to the little boy. If you have seen the Batman movies, you know that Alfred did an excellent job as a guardian. 

While Alfred belongs to a fictional world, there are many incredible humans out there who became wonderful guardians. The correct choice at the right time makes all the difference, so it is something you should ponder about.

Does your child need a guardian?

No parents wish to desert their darling children, but fate can have other plans that may separate your happy family. Thinking of a guardian for your child is very important from the get-go. It is not an easy thing to do for parents, but this decision will also bring you a strange relief that your family will be fine if you pass away or become incapacitated. 

If you do not choose a guardian, anyone can come forward and claim guardianship of your child. That aunt you did not like or that neighbor who looked shady may lay a claim on your precious offspring. Ultimately, the decision will go to a judge,and they will choose a guardian for your child. So, you shouldfinalize this matter with no external pressure. 

When you are done with this duty, you can give all your children a long hug. You can also plan a family vacation for to some fantastic family spots. For now, here are some things you must remember when selecting a guardian for your child:

1. Values and preferences

Do you wish to raise your child in a particular religion? If your answer is yes, then beliefs and values will become a massive factor while making a choice. It might limit your list to some people, but you can ensure that those potential guardians will carry the same values as you. 

Your child must be around someone who has the right morals, ethics, and can pass these golden values to your children. Parenting styles and education also make a significant difference in guardianship. This exercise will help you pick someone who will not limit your child’s potential and help them grow.

2. Compile a list of candidates

By now, you must have a list of people who can be suitableguardians for your child. Make sure that this list is not limited to friends and family only. Here are some criteria that can create a more defined set of candidates:

  • Can this person support my child financially?
  • Is this person emotionally stable?
  • Does this person have a criminal record?
  • What was his or her past family structure like?
  • Where does he/she live?
  • Is he/she close to your child? Does my child have a clear bonding with him/her?

3. Seek permission

You cannot declare someone a candidate without their approval. Once you have a clear picture of a guardian in your mind, it is time to ask for permission. Talk it out with them and discuss each scenario in great detail. 

If the person already has a family, you should discuss how a new entrant will adjust and what he or she will do to make it feel like home. These are difficult questions that need to be answered at this stage so that everything is clear.

4. Split the duties

As mentioned earlier, a guardian does not have to be someone close. Moreover, don’t go for a couple because couples can also break apart.  Go for a single individual who can carry this responsibility no matter whatever their relationship status is. 

It is a busy world, and the guardian may get swamped with work/life balance. Therefore, you are free to split personal and financial duties between two guardians. It will keep the roles clear and help these individuals attend to your child in a better way.

5. Be independent

Choosing a guardian for your child is your sole decision. No one should influence this decision or ask you to pick favorites. Be independent in your search and make a decision that seems legible on the criteria mentioned above. This choice belongs to the parents unless the person you picked has any arguments.

6. Get legal help

Legal help is readily available in this regard. You can find many counselors, mentors, and guardians in your area online. People around the world choose a legal guardian for their children with complete trust. Legal guardians can oversee personal and financial decisions on behalf of your child. 

For example, if you live in Plano, Texas, go to Google and look for guardianship attorney Plano. The search will bring results of possible candidates and agencies that deliver such services. Choose someone who has good testimonials and a top-notch track record. When it comes to your child, nothing should get compromised.

7. Put it in your will

You can put this on your will and seek legal help in this regard.The United States Child Bureau advises families to consult with an attorney in such cases. Putting something in your will feels like a grave step, but we assure you that legal help will make it easy. You can change the guardianship decision whenever you want because scenarios change. So, the names are also flexible,therefore you should not feel overwhelmed. 

Parting Thoughts

Once you have everything set, get it in writing with the help of your attorney. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about the procedure, now is the right time to ask and clarify. It is better to have everything in writing, and all the queries answered. As long as you are working with a strong team, you will be in a secure territory. 

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