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Are US Divorce Rates Increasing In 2020?

We live in a unique era. In the times of freedom and equality to which humanity has aspired for so many centuries. A woman is not afraid to wear a black suit, break the glass ceiling, and show her strength and power to the world. A man can finally say, ‘I have feelings, and I also cry.’ Marvelous times, indeed.

But every coin has two sides. The times of freedom have also changed the concept of marriage. While in the past, people aspired to have only one strong wedlock during their life, modern couples accept the fact that marriage can crack, and it will lead to a divorce.

Indeed, divorce during COVID has skyrocketed. Several cultural changes can be the reasons for divorce. With the massive development in technology, many people replaced their faith in god with the trust to the scientific method. In the past, this was the biblical canon that held marriages together. Nowadays, many partners do not want to be committed to another person.

A modern person has also started discovering their sexuality. The concepts of gender, sexual orientation, and sensuality are not taboos nowadays. This might result in either one’s willingness to discover a beloved person and oneself in a relationship; or the factor of incompatibility between partners and the reason for separation.

Modern couples also have the possibility to…talk. It might sound ridiculous, but it’s true. During the harsh post-war period, it was hard, constant work in order to make family survive that held partners together.

Nowadays, we have more time to enjoy our lives and communicate with the person we love. However, not always people know how to do it. It is not an easy task to join life with another person, to love their flaws, to share chores, to help and to receive help properly. 

No matter where the drastic increase of divorces stems from, the fact remains unchangeable: every 13 seconds one marriage annulment happens in the U.S. The number of divorces is constantly increasing, but it’s up to every person to decide whether it’s the normal sign of a progressing civilisation or the abandonment of moral values.