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4 Ways To Turn Your Trash Into Cash

Hey, before you chuck your old phone out with the recycling, and before you dispose of your old ink cartridges, ask yourself: Could I make money from the things I am throwing out?

You can make money from these and many other items, so it’s always worth checking online before your old and unwanted items are out of your hands forever. By selling your trash items, you will then get to boost your household income, and you might have more money to add to your saving accounts too.

Here are just a few ideas on how to turn your trash into cash.

#1: Recycle your mobile phone

Just upgraded your phone? Great, we hope you enjoy the latest model, but consider what you might do with your old phone. While you could give it away to a friend or family member, you might also want to use a site such as RapidPhoneBuyer, who will give you cash for your old model. As an example, if you were to sell a Samsung s9, you would net yourself £185 if it was in working order, and £35 if it was in a state of ill-repair. Such sites promise to give you the best deals possible, so enter your old phone details into their site to find out how much money you might make. 

#2: Recycle your ink cartridges

Rather than throwing your ink cartridges out with the trash (and causing environmental damage in the process), use an ink recycling service and make money from your used cartridges. Using the examples in the linked site, you could earn around £2 for every cartridge you sell to them. It’s not a lot of money but at least you will be making some extra cash while saving the environment. 

#3: Sell anything and everything at a car boot sale

If your home is overflowing with clutter, have a good sort out and work out what could be worth selling. Your junk could be somebody else’s treasure, and especially if you price your items online beforehand, you might have collector’s items that buyers will buy for a significant amount of money. If this idea appeals to you, check out these ideas on how to increase your profit at a car boot sale, and then search online for the car boot sales that are happening near you. Alternatively, have a garage sale, and let people come to you. 

#4: Make money from your old clothes

While you could donate your old clothes to a charity store, you might want to make yourself some extra money instead. High street chains H&M and Marks and Spencers both accept bags of old clothes, as they have partnered with collection programmes to make sure your clothes are recycled responsibly. They will give you a cash voucher to spend in their store, so while you’re basically accepting an invite to spend money in their establishments, at least you will get money off your shopping. 

We hope those ideas were useful, but continue your research online, and look for other ways to turn your trash into cash.

Thanks for reading.