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Side Hustle Ideas For Working Dads

In this day in age, everyone should have a side hustle. Thanks to the internet and the technology we have available to us, working an additional job or business around our standard working hours is more possible than ever before. And if there’s one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has shown us, it’s that none of our jobs are all that secure and so having an extra stream of income to rely on is incredibly beneficial. The best kinds of side hustles are those which are fun, essentially hobbies that make you money- here are some that might suit you as a working dad.

Buying and selling cars

Are you a bit of a motor head, or just have a love of cars? Perhaps you’ve done some work as a mechanic or in a bodyshop in your youth and have an understanding of how things work. Just like flipping houses, ‘flipping cars’ involves purchasing vehicles for cheap that you can do up and sell on for a profit. The more time and work you do on a car, the more likely you’ll be able to make big money on it- but you can also get a profit just from cleaning up and sprucing up vehicle, adding some aftermarket features and things such as new wheels and tyres. You’ll likely need motor trade insurance for this, you might be wondering ‘how much is motor trade insurance with points?’ if you don’t have a perfect history- but it can be cheaper than you think. It makes an enjoyable hobby and is a good way to earn some money on the side too. You’ll need to budget carefully so that you’re covering the cost of the vehicle and any parts or materials you’ll use to do it up. To make sure that you’re charging the right amount at the end of the build where you’re earning a profit and it feels worthwhile for the time that you’ve spent too. A good understanding of the car market, what people are looking for and what people are likely to pay for different models will of course come in useful. Should your business grow, you may find the need to invest in services like Visitor Chat in order to be able to maintain good customer relationships and get yourself even more business, while giving yourself the time to focus on your strengths within the business. 


There are plenty of ways to earn money with gaming these days. From starting a Youtube or Twitch channel where you play and gaining sponsors, to entering competitions- if you’re a skilled gamer then this could be an option for a side hustle. Research ways to monetise the hobby and go from there, this is a good one as it truly allows you to turn a hobby into an income. It’s not something you’re likely to get rich quick with right away as it’s very competitive, but could be an option for some people. If you have a spare bedroom at home, it could be worth setting this up as a media room where you can play distraction free and in a comfortable environment. Many of us spend hours of our free time playing these kinds of games already, so if you can earn some extra cash by doing so then that’s always going to be a good thing. 

DIY and handyman work

If you’re a keen DIYer and have completed lots of jobs around your own home, why not extend this to a side business? You could offer services from building flatpacks to painting and decorating, gardening, waste removal and more. Of course, you’ll want to leave things like gas and electricity to the professionals since it’s dangerous and illegal to DIY when it comes to these things unless you’re qualified. But there’s plenty that you can do, since you’re the boss you get to call the shots and decide when you want to work. Even if it’s only every other weekend when you’re not working your day job, it will keep you productive and allow you to earn some cash. 


Blogging is a great hobby for everyone, and as a working dad it’s definitely something to consider. You can start it up as a hobby, and as time goes on and your blog gets more established you can turn it into a business and monetise it, and will likely receive lots of exciting opportunities. These can include getting invited to events and press trips, and being sent free products to review, not to mention it can be very lucrative due to sponsored opportunities. It’s something that’s free to start, and you can do right from the comfort of your home.