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Why a high-quality resin installation will be better for your driveway

Demand for resin bound driveway surfaces has increased in recent years, with more people looking to improve the appearance of their homes while protecting them from the risks of flooding. 

A resin-bound or bonded driveway is great because it’s permeable, meaning any water can easily drain away without damaging your driveway.

Resin driveways will reduce puddles and offer a natural filtration process, where rain or surface waters get purified as they seep through the various aggregate stones and onto the sub-base. This process reduces any pollutants and impurities, and is SuDS compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) which means it helps with limiting any localised flooding.

Resin driveways are sustainable, practical, eco-friendly and look great in front of your home

Surely all of us are looking to modernise our homes and protect the environment? With a surface depth of around 18mm, these driveways don’t need much care or maintenance to look amazing. They offer resistance to different weather conditions so they won’t fade, freeze over or leave you slipping around, and their surfaces have an even level which is great for any pushchairs and wheelchair users. A good quality one should easily last for 25 years or more.

Find high-quality tradesman for best results

While they look stunning and offer a durable, lasting finish, it is important to check both the quality of craftmanship and the product before investing in a resin driveway installation. Resin bound driveways mix natural aggregate, marble, recycled glass and sand using either a UV stable polyurethane resin or a non-UV stable polyurethane resin as a coating. Stable UV resin has a longer manufacturing process, so will better-protect your driveway. You may also want to consider a Resin Bonded process, where a film of resin is applied once the aggregates have been scattered. 

Check tradesmanship before you make an investment 

New resin driveways shouldn’t come cheap but they will need a base layer to sit on top of. If you already have an existing surface that’s structurally sound, like tarmac or concrete for example, you may find some savings in the overall cost. While that could be a blessing for your budget, good resin driveways require a solid investment to deliver on their promise. Sadly, due to high-levels of demand, many more companies have been offering sub-standard, unprofessional work. Customers are facing problems they’d never imagined alongside ongoing repair bills and maintenance they hadn’t planned for.

Look for quality as bad installations can lead to cracks, patching and sink holes 

Professional installers should offer materials that are SuDS compliant and therefore fully porous. They should have a range of UV resistant, highly durable resin bound aggregate which is attractive in appearance and comes in a variety of colours. Driveway installation should not take too long and should definitely be done on a dry day with no rain!

Many factors need to be considered when determining the price of a high-quality resin driveway. 

Get some estimates for Resin Driveway Cost first, then discuss your needs against what your budget permits. By making a sound investment for the long-term, you’ll become the envy of your friends and neighbours in no time!