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How to Handle Your Medical Bills after a Car Accident

With thousands of vehicles on the road, the odds of getting involved in a car accident in your lifetime are alarmingly high. According to The Wandering RV, there are around 6 million car accidents taking place in the US, every year. Therefore, car accidents result in many deaths, and billions of dollars in expenses on a yearly basis. This means that the injured not only deal with the physical pain but have to undergo the mental stress of paying medical bills shortly after the accident.

It is no surprise that medical care is quite expensive. An investigation by researchers at the National Institute of Health (NIH) revealed that the average cost of the visit to the emergency room was $1,233. And this is just for entering into the emergency, thus a serious injury might cost much more. There are many law firms out there that will be able to help you such as this law firm.

In many countries, the accident victims are able to obtain coverage for their medical bills, however the legal process for obtaining the medical compensation can turn out to be very slow and lengthy. Meanwhile, the arrival of bills might overwhelm you, so we’ve put together this blog post, which tells how to handle your medical bills after a car accident effectively. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, private insurance companies are required to payapproximately 50 percent of the overall vehicle crash costs, while the crash victims pay around 26 percent only. 

Although negotiating a car accident settlement, and paying for the related medical expenses is never fun, but being informed about the options available might help reduce your burden. Here are the options that you can leverage for paying off your medical bills after a car accident:

Car Insurance

According to research, around 87 percent of US drivers have some kind of car insurance. Another study by finder.com revealed that the national average cost of auto insurance is around $1300 per year. So, if the accident took place because of your mistake, you will be held responsible for paying off for the other party’s medical and car repair expenses. Based on the terms and conditions of your car insurance coverage, your insurance company might pay for a portion or all of the incurred costs. 

However, on the brighter side, if you weren’t at fault, the other party’s insurer will be held accountable for paying a certain portion or all of your medical and car repair bills. Nevertheless, before any settlement, the insurance companies involved will conduct a thorough investigation. And so, it is best that you involve a car accident attorney like the multi-vehicle accident lawyers in Knoxville to help you figure out all the legal options available. 

Health Insurance 

Research by Statista shows that in 2018, around 296 million people had some kind of health insurance, in the US. Whether you have subscribed for private health insurance or some type of Medicaid services, your medical bills will be paid via your health insurance policy. 

Still, it is important to note that your policy only pays for the expenses that are part of your insurance coverage. For example, after the accident, if you went to the hospital in an ambulance,and ambulance expenses aren’t part of your coverage, then you’ll have to bear that expense yourself. 

On the other hand, if you are unable to afford your medical bills before you’ve received a settlement offer, you can request the hospital for a customized payment plan for you. If you’re lucky enough, your hospital might allow you to make small payments till the time your settlement case is resolved. 

However, the key is to communicate your situation to the hospital’s accounts department effectively so that they can understand your situation well, and help accordingly. 

Rely on Deferred Payments

In case you don’t have any insurance, and there is no way out for paying off your medical bills, you can pay for the medical services later. This would involve a letter by your attorney to the hospital authorities, requesting for a deferment. 

Moreover, the letter should also include details regarding your settlement case against the other party involved in the accident for a successful negotiation. 

Pay on Your Own 

It is true that the emotional trauma after a car accident can take months to last. However, it gets worse when you’ve to pay for the medical bills on your own. The least advisable way is to pay the medical bills associated with a car accident, out of your own pocket, until you receive your final settlement. This is often the case when you haven’t opted for any kind of insurance. 

You might receive the settlement amount several months after the accident, especially if your case goes in trial, or becomes complicated. This is why it is so important to look for a good car accident attorney in Denver, or wherever you are based, that can guide you along the process. No one likes a complicated case, however, one way to pay for the expenses in the meantime is to apply for a loan. 

However, the bad news is that if you don’t have a good credit history, you might be charged with very high interest rates. Thus, the best way to go about it is to consult your car attorney first for assessing whether getting a loan is a viable option or not. 

The Bottom Line

Being an educated driver, you should know your rights and responsibilities after being involved in a car accident. Regardless of whichever above-mentioned option you choose, the key is to document all your medical expenses, such as the hospital stay, over-the-counter medicines, and any emergency room visit. This allows you to acquire an appropriate compensation amount while making a claim. 

Are you still having trouble in getting rid of your medical bills after a car accident? Don’t rush to settle your claim, instead seek the required help from a lawyer so that you can put up a strong case and receive maximum compensation. This is because insurance contracts can be lengthy and include a variety of clauses. Also, generally, car accidents involve getting compensations from different companies, which can be dealt with in a better way by hiring an experienced car attorney. 

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