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How to Keep Kids Entertained When Working from Home During Lockdown

Now that we’ve been in quarantine for several weeks, we’re slowly adapting to a new sense of normality without leaving our homes as and when we please.  

One of the challenges with working from home is finding ways to keep the kids entertained- particularly when on one of several zoom calls of the day. There have been several memes circulating social media which show that many parents are experiencing the same struggle with trying to work from home. 

However, kids are also adapting to not being able to go to school and play with their friends, so will need to have fun things to do, which won’t require taking out a payday loan to pay for each day of quarantine. 

Here are some fun ways to keep the kids happy and entertained while you work from home, and not lose your mind. 

1. Set A Routine

Most of us thrive on routine, and that’s very much the same with our children. Creating a timetable for the day adds punctuation without having to leave the house. 

Have breakfast together as a family before starting the morning activities- make sure to get the kids to complete age-appropriate chores to help with clear up, too 

Take lunch at the same time every day. Encourage the children to tell the time so they are aware of what comes next in the day. 

Finish working at the same time and ensure you use this time to dedicate solely to your kids. 

Being able to predict what happens next will minimise stress for kids. It will also help you to be able to prioritise work tasks that require deeper concentration for when your kids are doing quiet tasks such as reading. 

2. Get active! 

There are so many family friendly workout videos online that get families active together. The most popular one is PE with Joe Wicks. There can be upwards of 600,000 families streaming these workouts at any one time, but they’re also available online afterwards. 

Keeping kids active is good for their physical and mental health, and is a great addition to anybody’s day while in quarantine. 

3. Make Housework fun! 

Turn your chores into a game. If your kids like listening to music, singing and dancing- include these passions in with the task ahead. Sing songs about emptying the dishwasher, play musical statues as they put away their toys, hold dancing competitions while the kids tidy their bedrooms. 

Nobody really likes doing housework, so these tasks will help you to enjoy them, too! 

Get the kids to come up with ideas, too. This way they all become involved in the decision-making process and begin to take ownership of their tasks. 

For kids that need further encouragement- now is the time to bust out the star rewards chart. Rewards can be exchanged for fun activities with the grown-ups such as cooking, choosing a film to watch, or a small gift. 

Most of all, cut yourself a little slack. Everyone is experiencing challenges during this time, and the last thing you want to do is to put pressure on yourself when things don’t go according to plan.