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8 Hiking Tips to Make the Adventure Fun for Kids

Kids are a fun bunch of human species who make our lives colorful. But when they become bored, that’s when the real challenge begins.

If you’re a parent who loves the outdoors, why not let your kids join you in one of your hiking adventures and have an instant buddy? They probably wouldn’t be able to say no because, well, you’re the ones who are making the rules. When momma says we’re going to the mountains, who are they to say no?

On a serious note, it’s not hard to convince the youngsters to go hiking when they see how they can turn it into one of their play escapades.

And since it is your responsibility to make sure they see it as a rather fun adventure, here are some of our eight fool-proof tips.

Find a trail with interesting features

There are hundreds of trail options for you to choose from. The only thing you have to keep in mind is whether it is a friendly trail for children. While making this trip fun is a goal, safety should not be compromised.

Now, when you’re sure that the trail you choose is safe enough for them, the next thing that you should look for are fun obstacles that will make them want to go on adventures like this often.

Trees that are bent over and are easy to climb without screaming danger, danger is one example.

A field of wildflowers could also be a good feature. But be careful not to let them near any potentially poisonous plants.

Be prepared for anything

Staying outdoors means you’re embracing almost anything that comes with it— fun times, hunger, thirst, a couple of scratches here and there, and a lot more.

Especially if you’re bringing a kid with you, you must not forget to pack the essentials. Your pack should have wet wipes or tissues, safety whistles, first aid kit, some snacks, their water bottle, and most importantly, a camera to document everything so that you’ll have something to look back on when they are all grown up.

Dress for success

Picking the right outfit is everything. Wear something too thin, and you might get cold. Wear the wrong kind of shoes, and you’ll nurse sore feet right after.

As adults, that’s a learning curve for us. For the kids, you have to make sure they are comfortable during the hike. It’s your sole responsibility to clothe them properly, so keep in mind the importance of layering.

You can put on a comfortable dry-fit shirt underneath and then layer it up with a sweater— if it gets a bit chilly out there. But when it rains, you have to be prepared with a rain jacket to cover them up.

Investing in a good pair of hiking boots for your kid will save you hundreds of complaints.

Bring plenty of water and food

It would be best if you refueled their energy more often than you would need to do so for yourself, so bringing more snacksand water is ideally the best way to deal with tired and hungry kids. It would help if you always kept an eye on them to make sure they are adequately hydrated.

As adults, we’ve spent years and years mastering the art of ignoring our hungry tummies, especially if we’re preoccupied with something else like a workload or a house chore. But for kids, they’d be happy to throw a tantrum if they feel that their stomachs need to be filled in an instant.

And in a setting like a national park or a hiking trail in the middle of a forest, then a pack filled with food and water is a handy solution.

Take small breaks

You should not expect them to have the same endurance as you are, so to take small breaks more often is needed so that they can manage to catch their breath.

These short breaks can even turn into excellent photo opportunities for you and your kids— if they aren’t annoyed or cranky by this time.

Divert their attention through games

Bring old adventure tricks when you go hiking with your kids. Good, old treasure hunting games will be an effective one. Or you can also make it informative by throwing in some trivia along the way.

Whatever you think of doing, it will surely be a hit, especially if you know how to get your kid’s attention. 

Teach them about nature rules and map reading

The younger generation will be responsible for keeping this planet worthy of life in the future, so it is a great opportunity to teach them the importance of preserving nature.

You can teach them about the “Leave No Trace” rule. You can even let them pick up trash left behind by other hikers who aren’t responsible enough to look after their pieces of junk that could harm nature.

Another skill that you could teach them is map reading where they can see where they’re heading towards and the path you took. It’s fun, especially for kids knowing how easily fascinated they are by new information.

Enjoy the conversations

Take this chance to converse with your kids. It’s a great way to learn more about them and their interests. And since they aren’t distracted much, you’ll get the most genuine answers during this adventure.

Over to You

If you’re still looking for ways to engage with your kids more naturally, hiking is one of the best options you’ve got.

It’s not only beneficial for them, but it is also definitely good for you.