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Top 7 Reasons Small Business Need CRM Software

Customers are the backbone of every business. If you can nail down Client Management, there is no limit on how much you will grow.

Without a backbone, you cannot stand straight and tall, likewise without proper Client Relationship Management, your business won’t be able to stand and will certainly fall, sooner or later.

Big companies have a specific department for client management, but as a small business owner, you are stuck with less number of people and limited capital and therefore you cannot have a specific department for client management and the management is to be done by you and your team only.

A small business grows, not by growing in numbers but by growing in terms of the quality of their work. You cannot have new employees but you can increase the productivity and efficiency of the existing ones.

For instance – by simply becoming a  Flipkart Seller, all the small and medium scale businesses who desire to strengthen and move forward with their business to a next level must register on Flipkart through which the efficiency and productivity increases even with less number of employees.

And all the business owners who wish to reinforce their business start using CRM softwares.

I have written a blog titled “Tips to increase the productivity for small business” and in those tips, one was including automation and other was using task Management Software or CRM.

Due to having less number of people and limited capital, you need to invest in areas that provide the best rate of return and can make your and the team’s work easy. For every 1$ that you invest over a CRM software, you get a payback of 8.71$. That is a whopping 774% return on your investment. Which means it’s just the perfect type of investment that you were looking for and you should definitely take this. As a bonus, CRM software will help you stay organized and develop a better relationship with clients.

In today’s world, man-power isn’t the only thing that can help you grow, thanks to the IT sector, there are tons of solutions that can be used to boost productivity and ultimately grow. Eg: A project can be efficiently managed by Project Management Software. Likewise, Client can be managed by using Client Relationship Management Software and thus it can help in effective client management. Have a look at different CRM options on: https://softwareforprojects.com

The best example for this is Paytm. Paytm is the first ever mobile ecommerce provider. Highly customized seller dashboards are provided by Paytm. By registering as a Paytm Seller, users get instant access to seamless order processing, vendor communication, customer management and shipment tracking etc., in the same way the CRM software provides a panel for a better workflow.

Here are some reasons why small businesses need CRM software:

1.  To Improve Workflow:

Companies use excel sheets to record all the information of the clients. But the days of using excel for managing clients are long gone. Excel sheets are outdated and have the least features.

Here are some points on the benefits of using CRM and why you should use CRM software for Client Relationship Management instead of using Excel sheets:

  • Data is centralized in CRM software, so accessing the desired information is easy.
  • E-mail and calendar integration is possible and thus you can receive the emails within the app and you can also see the corresponding interaction history with the client.
  • You can relate the deals to a contact or an account and thus you can make a task of the same or group similar deals according to your project scope, very easily.
  • Team members can work better together as they are notified when any change occurs and data sharing and task allocating is easier.
  • Due to the clear view of the sales funnel, analyzing the data is made easy.
  • It is fully customizable and thus you can prepare a workflow that best suits you.
  • Accessing the data is much easier and can be accessed over your system and over the phone too.

Even the most perfect process can be improved as new technology hits the market. Using sticky notes and spreadsheets is just keeping your productivity. There are many processes that you are doing manually, which are possible to be automated by using CRM software.

The big ecommerce companies/marketplaces have an ERP to manage the orders. Additionally they have robust systems to manage the customers. If you are a Snapdeal seller, you will know easily the workflow can be managed. It allows the sellers to process orders, manage employees, manage customers, process customers enquiries etc. In brief, it smoothens the workflow.

You can automate follow-ups on a new lead. You can deliver an efficient and consistent new customer onboarding process. You can create a workflow that best fits your work and then the team can just stick to the workflow on a daily basis.

2.   Boosting Sales:

Any decision that you make in your business is targeted and synced to the ultimate goal and the business’s strategic alignment. i.e. increasing sales.

According to a Gartner study, a well-implemented CRM system can increase revenue by a whopping 41% per sale person. But how?

Due to the easy to use interface of the CRM software, it is easy to enter all the leads in the system. Whenever your team contacts the lead, they can create a history of their interaction and thus the next time they interact with that lead, they can use the information to pitch them more wisely. This way they don’t have to remember each and every interaction and all the clients are available at one place which makes client management so easy.

The members can just ask the client when they need to/should follow-up and can create a task of the same and can add a reminder too. 

When this benefit is related to the ecommerce marketplace, I suppose a Limeroad Seller can describe it better. It has been noted by the sellers that it gave them an exceptional boost on sales after registering on Limeroad.

Business owners, be it small or big business, are willing to start an ecommerce business on a large scale mainly to increase sales and create online visibility. So client relationships have become a huge concern.

Amazon bought a revolutionary change in the ecommerce market. To sell on amazonusers simply have to go through a registration process. CRM software, in the similar manner

3.  Helps in taking Smarter Decisions:

Another benefit of using CRM software is that it helps in making smarter decisions that are necessary to grow sales.

This allows you to capture leads from your website and helps in tracking their journey throughout the sales process. Thus you would be able to differentiate the clients in categories like clients that are just looking, clients that are actually shopping and the clients that are buying. This way the clients can be pitched according to the stage in which they are in your deal pipeline.

This project execution helps your team from wasting their precious time on unqualified customers and more time can be spent on closing deals. Prospective customers can be pitched by email campaigns until they are ready to buy, and once they are ready, now the members can guide them to the sales.

How to use paytm is a very common topic for content marketing on which content experts write blogs, and it is a very smart decision to include such topics. Smart Marketing is vital for any business to grow and increase visibility online. In the same manner CRM is important and a vital software to maintain the relationship with the clients which helps in making smart and important decisions.

4.  Understanding your Customers:

CRM software is most useful to the companies that have a longer sales cycle or complex products. All the interaction is added to the system and then the data in the form of months of interaction can be analyzed and used to understand the different decisions that guided the customer through the entire sales pipeline. Thus, this data can be used to improve your campaign sales approach, website, etc.

Data is recorded of each interaction and thus you have detailed information about the client. This helps you in nurturing your relationship with the customer. You can use that information to evaluate your members too.

5.   Improved Customer Support:

The product that you are providing the customer with may be produced by another company at the same or lesser rate. So what should be the reason for the customers to stick with you?

Customer support is given to guide the customer through the sales cycle while making their journey extraordinary. They should enjoy the journey. The fact is that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great experience. Simple things like offering tea or coffee play a very vital role. 

Not all fingers are the same, likewise, every customer has a different taste and different preference. Eg: Levi’s won’t pitch skinny fit jeans to an old man. So how can you ensure that each and every customer is getting extraordinary experience?

Simple, by providing your team with all the necessary information like the customer’s online history, past interactions, their order information, etc. This is the main feature of a CRM Software that all the information about a particular customer can be stored in a single place and thus can be accessed easily.

6.  Integration with other software:

Integration can automate various processes and thus can save you a lot of time. Suppose you are getting leads from any B2B business platform. Now first you have to open that site and download all the leads that you have got. Then you have to make a task of the same in the CRM and then you can start the real work of pitching the product to the leads.

Marketing, promotion of business and business management were done manually in the earlier days. Sales executives, marketing executives used to go from door to door for promotion and sales of products. Facebook for business became popular for promotion of business online. So integrating your business with facebook helps in promotion of products and saves time. CRM software in a similar manner helps businesses to manage the client communication.

Instead, you can just integrate the B2B site and your CRM software and thus all the leads that you were entering manually can now be inserted directly as a task, thanks to the automation and integration.

This will save a lot of your time and you can be saved from this boring and repetitive task too.

7.  Maximize Resources:

Limited capital means limited resources. That could be a limited number of people, or limited reach, or limited technology.

Members of small businesses multitask and wear various hats. In this situation, if only one hat is removed, it provides space for an extra one and can help in boosting productivity as well as the revenue. Limited resources is an issue, but it is more of a challenge that drives the members to work with limited resources and provide the best output.

Using CRM can free you from the long process of managing the clients that you follow now and thus can help you to free some time, which you can now utilize for some other important work. Thus in this way, you would be able to compete with organizations of every size by working smartly by using CRM software. 

Author Bio: Mohit is an ECommerce Enthusiast and Owner of MohitECommerce. He is Working With Many Vendors in Different Categories of Products Across Various Marketplaces. He is Very Good at Amazon Seller Training, Amazon FBA, Amazon Brand RegistryAmazon Product ListingAmazon Account Suspended (Making Plan of Action). He Likes to Help All Type of Businesses Mainly Small and Medium Businesses Which are eager to Step into Online Business.