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3 Ways to Spot A Fake Roofer

When you need your roof replaced or repaired doing your research on the roofer is key. The last thing you want is to fall prey to Roofing Scams that could drain you of your budget and leave you with a ruined roof. Today we are going to talk about how you can figure out if the roofer you are talking too is a legit roofer. Not just out to drain you dry of money, leaving you with a massive pile of problems.

If it Sounds Too Good to Be True

Any professional trades person worth their salt is honest and upfront with their customer. If you are not sure how much your job will cost exactly. It would be wise to get a few quotes from different roofers because if one roofer offers to get the job done at half the price, in half the time then alarm bells should be ringing.

If they are cutting corners in materials to get the price down, you should be worried there as well. Cheap parts on a roof can lead to devastating damage when those materials are stress tested in a storm. Do not risk it if the price you have been quoted seems insanely lower than your other quotes. Above board roofers will always aim to provide the best quality finish of the job and materials which is why their services can end up being more expensive. Paying for the job to be done correctly once is going to be cheaper than paying for it to be done badly once and correctly once.

Something Does Not Add Up

Trust your gut. If something feels off about the roofer, you are talking to do not ignore that feeling. It is better to do a background check on the roofer and his services, regardless of what you might uncover. If you do not do your due diligence, you are making yourself vulnerable to corner cutting, or worse an unfinished job.

Talking about the process with the roofers can reveal a lot about how clued in a builder is on the regulations surrounding any major roofing works. If they are suspiciously vague about how they plan to work with even vague timescales do not be surprised if your roof does not end up looking how you envisioned. 

Lack of Testimonies

Any reputable roofer will pride themselves on their ability to provide testimonies. Demonstrating that they can do the job through the recommendations of others. Many also enjoy showcasing their work. Respectable roofers will often be excited to show you their hard work. They want to win your trust and repair your home so you can enjoy a home without worrying about damp.

Be sure to follow up on their testimonies as well. Talk to people that they have said they have worked for. That will often reveal a lot about how they work and how reliable they are when it comes to doing the job quickly and effectively.

Ultimately, finding the right roofer requires research. You need to talk to a range of potential roofers, so you understand what professional roofers in this trade bring to the table and how much the services legitimately cost. Cutting corners will lead to a massive mess for your home. There is no worse feeling than having to pay for your roof to be repaired twice so do not fall for scamming roofers. To help you when it comes to keeping your roof safe though, then it might be a good idea to check out these 7 roof problems and how you can avoid them.