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4 Signs That Becoming a Life Coach Is the Best Career Path for You

Many individuals are wondering if they should continue with their chosen career or try something different. Or perhaps you have been recently let go from your job and are thinking of changing careers.

Whatever the reason behind the change, you will need to ask yourself a few questions first. The most important one is “Do You Like to Help Others?”  If the answer is yes, then perhaps obtaining a life coach certification is the best career path for you.

Below are 4 signs that becoming a life coach is the best path forward for your career:

1. You are Patient

When helping others to determine their path in life, you will need a lot of patients. Not everyone will know right away what they want or like to do, so their life may seem all over the place to them. You will need to help a client to look at the big picture as well as the small one. One day they may like to participate in art and then the next day they don’t like it at all. This is where your patience will help someone in need. 

2. You are Positive

You will need a positive outlook and attitude to help others find their way in the world. Many individuals who do not know what to do with their lives are suffering from depression. With your help, they may be able to see things in a more positive light. However, if after spending some time with a person, and you feel they are suffering more from depression than sadness, assist them in getting the professional help they need. Whether it is medication or talk therapy, when they deal with their depression, they will see the path to a new career and life of purpose become clearer.

3. You are Firm

To become a life coach, and help others organize and take steps to better themselves, you will need to be firm, but not pushy or overbearing. Most individuals respond better to someone who is kind when they offer them advice, especially on their life’s path. However, you will need to remain firm when helping someone with their new goals. If a person slides back into an old habit or procrastinates, you will need to help them with a firm and understanding talk. Becoming angry that a person is not doing what they planned or even what they know is right, is not going to help them. 

4. You Like Solving Problems

This is not to say you will solve your client’s problems, but you will help them to figure out the best way to take care of things on their own. You will help them come up with a list of several ideas for changing what they need to change in order to make the life they want. 

Each of these traits combined, as well as several others, will assist you in helping others to achieve the life they want. Whether it is to quit smoking and become healthier, to exercise more, or to change careers, as a life coach, you will be their guiding voice.