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3 Simple Tips to Help you Start a WordPress Blog

So, you want to start a blog? Well that’s a great idea! But how do you get started? There is so much information that you can find online, but you might have found that so many people are telling you different things, so you have no idea where to begin. Don’t panic though, you won’t be the only person who feels the same. Anyone who is or has been a blogging newbie will be experiencing the same thing. 

When people start off blogging, they don’t normally have a clue where to begin, but blogging takes time and perfecting it takes a lot of patience. You probably have a huge passion though and that’s a great start. You’ve got an interest and are dedicated to reaching your dream. You’re eager to learn as well, which is a brilliant place to start at. So soon enough you’ll be able to achieve all your blogging goals, and you’ll be wondering why you were so worried at the start. So, let’s delve into how you can start up your blog.

Choose Your Preferred Blogging Platform

When you decide that you want to build a blog, then the first thing that you will want to do is pick your preferred blogging platform. Now there are a few that you can pick from – you’ve got WordPress, Blogger, even Tumblr. The most popular one though is WordPress and if you are thinking of starting up a blog then this should be the one that you use (obviously it’s up to you though).

If you don’t know where to begin, or how to start up then you can easily check out an online wordpress tutorial that can show you all the steps. This is one of the biggest blogging platforms, with countless plugins and add-ons, and an almost infinite way to design and layout your blog. It’s super easy as well. If you find that you are struggling with it, then the good thing about WordPress is that there are loads of forums you can use for support. So, you’ll always get the help you want. If you are looking for a web design guildford then we recommend picking Cude Design.

Self-hosted or a Free Alternative?

This is probably the biggest decision that you’ll ever have to make, so you don’t want to rush it. You need to decide whether to pay for your blog or grab a free one. Now most blogging platforms will offer a free blog for anyone, which is great for people who are interested in seeing if blogging is the right thing for them. But it does have its downsides. For starters, you won’t get your own domain. So, your blog name could be yourblog.wordpress.com instead of just yourblog.com. 

Not only that, but you wouldn’t own your blog. Which means that it could be deleted because it is owned by someone else if you get a free alternative. Imagine all your hard work deleted without your say so. This is easily sorted though if you are self-hosted, as you would own your domain and won’t have to worry about this. If you are worried that owning your own domain will be expensive, don’t worry. Fortunately, it’s not as expensive as you think.

Write Great Content

Now, once you’ve got your blog all set up, the important thing to do is make sure that you write great content. You need to plan your blog posts by choosing a topic, creating an outline, conducting research and checking facts. You can’t rush this process either, even if you can write quickly you should still make sure to spend a few hours on your post. You will need to edit it before you click publish.

Make sure you double check it before you send it as well, you don’t want there to be any mistakes in it. Even just sitting and thinking about your post (before you even write it) could make a huge different between a normal post and a great post. There so much more that you can do to your blog though to make sure it is successful. However, the important thing is though, is to make sure your blog stands out.