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5 Ways to Access Quick Cash for Emergencies

Financial emergencies are no thrill, especially if you have a family to care for. A lot of things contribute to situations like this ranging from job loss to medical expenses. This commonly leaves people feeling helpless, anxious, and altogether stressed out. While it’s advisable to always protect your family’s finances, create an emergency fund, and save when you can. It’s no secret that many Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck, this doesn’t make them an exception to emergencies and unforeseeable circumstances. So, if you ever need access to quick cash for an emergency, here are 5 ways you can legally remedy that situation.

1. Sell Things You Own

This is the least painful method since there are no upfront costs and it helps with decluttering. Simply make a mental list of the things you own that can easily be sold, and take advantage of the various online marketplaces available to you to sell them off. You can start by selling off unused Gift cards and clothes, for the most part, they move faster and you can get your hands on the cash immediately.

2. Get a Side Gig

Side gigs are a good source of quick income. You can choose anything from waiting tables, house or pet sitting, washing cars, and so many more. The options are numerous but aim to get a side gig that pays in tips as well. This will not only boost your income but it will help you meet your financial emergency faster. 

Another good side gig is taking up freelancing jobs, there’s a wide array of them out there. Simply think of a skill you are good at, then ask around or search online for people who are willing to pay you for your specific skillset.

3. Ask Your Employer for Overtime

This is an opportunity that is easily overlooked, but since your aim is to make quick cash, then you should give it a shot. If you sense that your company needs extra hands, and you have a good relationship with your supervisor, simply ask if you can work more hours. Altogether, working overtime is a great and sure way to earn a few extra dollars every week.

4. Take a Loan

Maybe you have your finances tied up somewhere, or you were expecting an amount that’s been delayed. It may sound like a longshot, but taking a loan can help resolve your issues until you have access to some disposable funds. 

You could ask family and friends first because they are more likely to offer you the money with little or no interest. But if you need a lot more money than they can offer, you should consider banks or other lenders. If you really want to speed up the process, a free mortgage broker can go a long way to get that done.

5. Rent a Room

Depending on where you stay and your housing arrangement, renting out a room to tourists and travelers who are looking for short-let housing solutions is a great way to earn extra money. If you play your cards right, you can get some cans in your pocket in just one weekend.

Above all this, when faced with a financial emergency, try to stay positive and calm so you don’t end up making decisions that you will regret in the long run.