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Bingo Around the World

Ever since its inception in Italy around the 1600s bingo has succeeded in captivating the attention of gamblers far and wide, and the game is in an incredibly healthy state nowadays, with tens of millions of people playing it all around the globe. Whilst it was steadily growing as a game before the 20th century, it wasn’t really until the 1900s that it took off with quite the same vigour as it has today.

Indeed, before the 20th century bingo wasn’t played commercially nearly as much as it is today, instead being used for things like education instead. But nowadays bingo is a genuine commercial juggernaut in hundreds of different countries around the world. Read ahead for our exploration into bingo around the world and what www.barbadosbingo.com has to offer.


If it wasn’t for the USA bingo as we know it today simply would not exist, because it was an American man called Edwin S. Lowe who first devised the concept of universal bingo scorecards, something that meant that the game could finally achieve the commercial heights it was destined to hit. 

Nowadays bingo is a big old deal in the US, with each state having thousands of different bingo halls that the American population just cannot seem to stay away from. More recently as well the federal government hade made it easier for online gambling sites like Bingo Village to operate, and this has resulted in a massive increase of online bingo players too. There are even bingo apps for those looking to play using their phones, and players can check out resources like this blackout bingo review to make sure that they are downloading a genuine, reliable app to play and, more importantly, trust their money with. 


You may not immediately think it, but the Japanese are absolutely bonkers for bingo! In fact, after the USA it is Japan that has the most regular bingo players in its ranks, something that may not be that surprising when you consider the aging population of this incredibly interesting Asian country. 

One thing to bare in mind about Japan, however, is that the government is very strict with all forms of gambling, and as a result land-based bingo halls aren’t seen anywhere in Japan. However this hasn’t stopped the population from taking full advantage of the online bingo world. 


The Germans have had a particularly interesting relationship with bingo for quite some time, with the game predominantly being used to teach children in schools throughout the 1800s and early 1900s. Whilst many Germans now enjoy a spot of bingo in order to relax and try and win some money, it still isn’t as common as in other countries. 

Bingo is still used in German schools though, where it proves itself to be a genuinely amazing educational tool. 


You really have to feel for Brazilian people that love playing bingo, because their country has historically made it very difficult to play the game on a variety of different occasions. This is because bingo halls were banned in Brazil from 1943 to 1993, making it very difficult for anyone to play bingo there. 

After this there was a huge increase in bingo halls and bingo players in the country, however the government outlawed the game again in 2004 to many people’s dismay.