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10 décor ideas to give your bathroom a spa-like look

Typically, we consider a bathroom to be the least important room in a house. But frankly speaking, this is the only place where you are at your most genuine self. 

You can sing your heart loud. Or say all those cusswords you wanna throw at your boss (imagining shower stand to be the douchebag). Not to mention, it serves a perfect hiding place while the nosey neighbors are in for a random chatter with mom.

All kidding aside, the bathroom is more than just a maintenance room for life. It is the place where you gain your senses in the morning and drains your worries at the end of each day. So adding a bunch of design touches like the heated towel rails, a rain-head shower, or cozy lighting can create a spa-like experience. 

Not to mention, the value and appeal added by a fully-functional and beautiful bathroom. Good design ensures that fixture placement is appropriate, and it makes the most of the space available. It focuses on adequate storage and lighting to enhance the ambiance of the room. 

In case you are all set to take some action and remodel your bathrooms, here is how you can give it a spa-like look:

1. Remove Clutter

Clutter usually makes us stressed. That’s the reason why spas keep all those magic lotions hidden.

The first step in creating a spa-like bathroom is to get rid of extra toiletries. Work to make it a clean, organized, and efficient space. For that, you need storage areas. Tuck everything neatly in the storage racks. You can also organize items using clear glass jars. These will look just like a part of your décor.

Along with it, there are many other options like heat-resistant containers for hair-styling devices, stackable wicker baskets, makeup organizers, and tiered trays.

2. Add Greenery

Plants tend to make a room sophisticated and inviting. Your bathroom is not an exception. Choose a variety of plants that will last for a long time and brings a refreshing scent to the room. It is part of the home with high humidity, warm temperature, and lower light. So it’s important to find plants that can flourish in this environment. 

You can try filling a vase with fresh flowers, put vines trailing down from the shelves, or display potted plants on counters. They tend to perk up the color, personality, and energy of your restroom.

3. Use Some Candles

Ladies, in particular, love unwinding in a tub surrounded by burning candles. Your rejuvenation journey cannot complete without aromatherapy. Scents are one of the proven ways to boost a person’s health and mood. Scented candles are a popular way to enhance your sensual experience.

Besides the exciting smells, candles add a warm ambiance to your bathroom. It is the perfect element to transition you from a mundane lifestyle and embrace tranquility and relax your senses. If you want to achieve this state every day, you must work on remodeling your bathroom.

4. Integrate Art

The visual element of your bathroom is the crucial element for creating a spa-like vibe. There must be something in here to give your eye something enjoyable as you apply a facemask or lounge in the tub. You can go for a relaxing visual theme like river waves or a forest image.

Incorporating a gallery wall or large print adds a dimensional layer of intrigue to the design, making it more welcoming.

5. Buy Some Fancy Towels

Nothing says spa quite like a fresh stack of plush towels upon a towel bar. If your bathroom is relatively small, the chances are that your towels are always visible. This automatically makes a visible décor. Hence, investing in a fancy pair of towels will complete the spa-look you are aiming for. Make sure it’s not unkempt and messy.

You can also take a trick from bathhouses and place a wooden stool to stack fresh towels. Whether you place it near the shower or at a corner, it elevates the overall look.

6. Upgrade Shower Head

The shower is the central part of the room. Make it as decadent as possible. Lately, we have multiple options like a steamed shower to nourish the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. It will also relax all those tensed muscles. There is also an option to integrate a rainfall showerhead. This helps to create a captivating and spa-like experience. For further details on available options, you should seek help of those who offer bathroom redesign consultation.

7. Warm-up Your Floors

An ordinary carpeted floor creates a sense of luxury as compared to bare flooring. The same goes for your bathroom floors, too. Rugs bring an additional layer of sophisticated luxury to the design. Bathroom rugs are gaining popularity, featuring stunning styles. Try a modern rug with primary colors to bring a pop of nature to your restroom.

8. Install Low Lights or Dimmer Switches

In case you prefer a late-night bath before bed, consider installing ceiling lights or wall bulbs with a dimmer switch. With such switches, you can soften your lighting and get a spa-like feeling when the need be.  According to the designer Scott Arthur Yerkey, the trick of lighting a bathroom and make it luxurious is to utilize multiple layers.

Installing a dimmer control switch requires complicated wire-work. We recommend you leave it for the professionals to handle.

9. Pick a Bamboo Bath Mat

The problem with fabric bathmats is they get damp and moldy real quick. In contrast, a wooden mat tends to feel fresh throughout the day, plus it gives more zen to space. You won’t be needing any more wet socks after someone just got out of the shower.

10. Provide Seating

If space allows, you must go for adding a seat, like a small tool or a relaxing chair. It upscales the look and is also quite useful, such as when you are applying a lotion or relaxing after the bath.

Final Thoughts

Elevating the look of your bathroom is not an absurd idea anymore. Given the range of options and increasing the value of a comfortable bathroom, we can state one thing for sure – your restroom is your personal retreat space. Don’t hesitate over the options. Keep experimenting as much as you want!

Author Bio: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on TwitterLinkedInFacebook