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Subtle Signs Of Male Health Issues Can Sneak Up After 50

Although age is just a number, healthy aging is less common than you may think. The healthiest and most virile men can come across unexpected health issues after stepping into the middle age. And the period after the fifties is perhaps the most susceptible when it comes to health concerns. Conditions may sneak up out of nowhere and you may even miss the symptoms. Still, awareness can make all the difference as it can lead to early diagnosis. Timely detection translates into early treatment, which can save you from a life-threatening situation. Here are some subtle signs men over 50 should be cautious about.

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Chronic headaches – High blood pressure

If your blood pressure has been a problem with you till now, consider yourself fortunate. This is the age when you should get proactive with regular checks because your blood vessels lose flexibility as you get older. This exerts pressure on the vascular system and can lead to problems of heart and kidneys. Regular checks and mediation can be life-saving for people suffering from chronic hypertension. Positive lifestyle changes can help you keep things under control. Watching your weight, exercising, abstaining from smoking, and minimizing stress can do wonders for preventing hypertension. 

Frequent urination – Diabetes/BPH

The frequency of urination increases as you age but having to rush to the restroom several times during the night is a red flag you shouldn’t miss. It can be an indication of diabetes or high blood sugar. Regular checks, an active lifestyle and a diet plan for diabetes can help control and prevent serious implications like stroke and heart attack. Frequent urination may also indicate the onset of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or enlargement of the prostate gland, a common condition in older men. You can start taking supplements like ProstaGenix to resolve BPH naturally. These natural supplements suppress the symptoms early and give you the opportunity to live a normal life. 

Joint pains – Osteoarthritis 

Men over fifty are vulnerable to osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, which is indicated by joint pain. These pains usually afflict the weight-bearing joints such as knees, ankles, hips, and even the lower back area. The condition happens because of the age-induced wear and tear of joints. Obesity can aggravate it further because it increases the pressure on the joints. Moreover, people who exercise excessively may lose cartilage cushioning of the joints at a faster pace. It is best to maintain a healthy weight, take a calcium-rich diet, and consult a physiotherapist for recommending the best exercises for you if you suffer from joint pains.

Unexplained weight gain – Metabolic disease

Older men tend to gain weight, specifically around the belly. This is something that you shouldn’t ignore because it can point to the metabolic disease at this age. Protecting your metabolism is important to keep the entire digestive process functioning properly. Eating right and preventing nutrient deficiencies is the key to regulating metabolism and staying in shape. Ideally, you need to boost the nutrient deficiencies, stick to healthiest fats, and steer clear of empty carbs to keep your metabolism revved up.

Now that you are well aware of the subtle signs you should watch out for, being more proactive about your health will be easier. And yes, you can prove that age is just a number!