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How To Make Cleaning These 3 Household Items Easier

At the best of times, having a tidy up around the house and having a big clean is a massive chore. If you’re serious about getting your home nice and clean there’s a lot to do, you need to move furniture to clean underneath, have the right cleaning products needed to clean every room and you need a lot of finesse to hoover up that corner your vacuum cleaner is just ever so slightly to bulky to fit into.

So today, we’ll be looking at some of the trickiest areas of your home to clean and try to give you some advice on how to make the task at hand easier when you decide to give your house a spring clean!

1) Venetian Blinds

Now, Venetian blinds look stylish and sleek when they’re hanging up in your window, but trust me, venetian blinds can be an absolute pain to clean, each of the slats will inevitably get covered in dust and because of how venetian blinds are put together you’ll need to dust every slat to get it clean

So, how do you make cleaning venetian blinds easier you ask? Luckily, some genius (who had to suffer dusting each slat on their blinds) came up with the perfect tool to clean venetian blinds… The venetian blinds duster, rather than having to dust each slat with a cloth or traditional duster, these bad boys have a bunch of dusters connected together, so that you can dust multiple slats at one time, this should help cut down on how long you need to spend cleaning your blinds.

2) Kettle Limescale

Anyone who’s owned a kettle can tell you that after a while of use, the inside of the kettle will look terrifying because of a buildup of limescale, not only will the inside of the kettle look disgusting, but you’ll also run the risk of getting a clump of limescale in your tea, not really a great thought.

Limescale often looks hard to clean up and it sort of is, it’s very hard to clean by hand, but luckily with a few household items, cleaning your kettle can be quite easy, you can either by a chemical descaler or using a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% water to soak overnight you can get limescale off in a cinch. Just remember that you’ll want to rinse out your kettle thoroughly before using it again and you’ll want to clean these once every couple of months to keep your kettle nice and clean.

3) Ovens

Anyone who has ever attempted to clean their ovens with a normal wash cloth can tell you that cleaning your oven is a hard, long and boring task. With grease, stains and mess from months of cooking dinners, baked onto the walls of your oven, obvious big messes will get cleaned up as you notice them, but all the smaller stains will essentially be cooked into the oven.

But, using everyday household items, you can easily make this task quicker. Just simply empty your oven, mix a ½ cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water so you get a speadable paste and then coat the interior of your oven in this paste, then simply leave your oven for 12 hours and wash off the paste with a wet cloth.