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Sliding Electric Gates Or Swing Electric Gates – Which To Choose?

If you are planning a new build, or simply want to get rid of those awful old gates that make your home look tattered, electric gate options are now available, and they offer the homeowner many benefits. Remote operation means you don’t have to get out of your car to open the gates. Indeed, you don’t even have to stop, as you can open the gates prior to your arrival. This benefit is invaluable when it starts to rain and you’re wearing that mohair suit. As the wipers have difficulty in keeping the windscreen free of water, you simply hit the remote and your gates will open.

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When installing a set of gates at the front of your property, there are many things to consider, such as available space, the shape of the driveway and its relative position with the road. All of these aspects must be taken into account when designing a set of electric gates. Two of the most popular designs are the sliding and the swing versions, and we will compare these now.

Sliding Electric Gates

The great thing about sliding gates is they require minimal space, the only requirement is to have sufficient space on one side, to allow the opening gate to retract. If you search online, you’ll find residential sliding electric gates from experts who have been designing and fitting electric gates for many years. Once you make contact, an electrician would pay you a visit and survey the front of your property, which would tell him what is possible and what is not. He would be happy to sit down with you and look at the many options. Sliding gates are perhaps the most popular, due to the simplicity and space-saving operation, and if you have enough space behind the wall, sliding would be the way to go.

Don’t forget to make sure you are asking about gate safety edges. Sure, your gates need to be practical but they also need to be safe for those who use the gates and anyone who may come into contact with them. A qualified professional will be able to advise you on the correct fittings for your gate when they discuss the options with you. If you are unsure ask them for a demonstration to see exactly what benefits specific parts will add to the safety of your electric gates.

Swing Gates

There are two types of swing gates. There’s a double pair that open inwards and come together in the centre. It is essential to channel in a track for the wheels to run, and if you have a tarmac driveway or block paving, this is relatively simple. The track is necessary as the gates would be heavy, and the tracking takes the weight off the hinges. If you use light materials, it is possible to have swing gates without ground tracking, and, of course, you can have a single gate, swinging to the left or right, depending on the layout. If you would like some further reading on the pluses and minuses of swing andsliding gates, there are informative blogs that talk about the topic.

Professional Opinion

When the technician is at your home, you could ask him what he thinks, and with his wealth of experience, you’ll be getting some good advice. You have choices regarding the location of the electric motor and the gearing. There are various motor sizes, with higher power models for heavy work.

Search online for the nearest electric gate company and with their help, you can design a set of gates that will transform the property.