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Top Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

This year, thanks to Coronavirus, our summer will be like no other. During lockdown, we’ve spent more time at home than we would usually have, and this will likely be the same over the summer season as well. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With lockdown forcing us to stay inside and stay local, now is the perfect time to get our gardens ready for socially distanced gatherings. Luckily, there are easy ways to prepare your outdoor space and make the most of it during these unprecedented times. Check out these 4 tips:

1. Treat your lawn for moss 

If you haven’t been spending much time outside in your garden during lockdown, it’s likely that your lawn might need a bit of attention. Moss can grow on a lawn that isn’t properly drained, and not only does it look bad, but it can also affect the longevity of your grass. If you can’t get rid of the moss by just raking the grass, try a moss removal product. As garden centres are now open, you should be able to pick this up quite easily!

2. Turn your hands to DIY

Of course, you might have undertaken some DIY projects in lockdown already, but if you haven’t, consider crafting something for your garden. A great example is a water feature. Although reasonably priced water features are available at garden centres, making your own as a DIY project can be extremely fun and is also a great way to spend time with the kids. Both smaller DIY water features and larger smooth stone water fountains can provide a focal point for garden spaces. The kids will also love getting stuck in!

3. Consider consulting a landscaping company

Unless you have the time, getting the garden ready for summer can be something of a pain for many homeowners. Sometimes it’snice to have a helping hand with the garden. Arbour Landscape Solutions is a company that specialises in landscaping, offering a comprehensive array of landscaping materials from skilled craftsmen and women that will help you create a bespoke, beautiful, and relaxing garden. Getting the help of experts means you can enjoy sitting on your new decking, surrounded by hedging that offers privacy while your children play on the newly installed artificial grass, much faster. What could be better?

4. Invest in some luxury garden items 

Lockdown has made us appreciate the smaller things in life. One of those things is family time. The garden is a great place to invest a little more money and enjoy your outdoor space with the ones you love. More people are investing in inflatable hot tubs as a new way to relax outside. New technologies and a larger available choice has meant that these inflatables have become ever more popular for many families. Make sure to do your research into inflatable hot tubs before you buy.

The garden is a great place to spend time with your family, especially when the sun is shining. So, make the absolute most of it – especially since this summer will be like no other!