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6 Signs You May Need a Divorce

Divorce is never a prospect that married couples want to face, but often, it can be the most logical and healthy step to a better life. Perhaps you’ve been considering divorce in the back of yourmind, or maybe you’re taking the time to take a step back and see if a divorce would be the best option for you and your spouse.

Here are 6 signs that a divorce could be needed.

1. You Don’t See Any Future with Your Spouse

Getting married in the first place is a pretty big indicator that you want to spend your life with that person. However, if you no longer see a future with your spouse and can’t imagine spending the rest of your life with them, then this is a huge sign.

If this is the case and you are thinking about divorce, you should look to seek help and guidance from a family law firm such as Peters And May.

2. The Only Reason You’re Staying Together is For the Kids 

Divorce is a painful experience, and especially where youngchildren are involved. However, if you and your spouse are unhappy and the only reason to stay together is to protect your children, this isn’t a good reason. As they grow older, your children won’t want you to have been unhappy just for them, and it’s better in the long run if you be honest with yourself and with them, too. 

Remember, you can always seek the services of professional child law solicitors like Grant Stephens Family Law to make divorce proceedings fair and easy when children are involved.

3. You Feel as Though You’d Be Happier Alone

A happily married person shouldn’t ever think positively about being alone and not having their spouse in their life. If you’re starting to significantly daydream about being alone and single, then marriage may no longer be for you.

4. You’ve Tried Every Alternative

You’ve had a million discussions and arguments, you’ve tried counselling, and you’ve tried absolutely everything to make your marriage work, but it simply isn’t. If this is the case, then divorce and separation may be the only remaining option for you.

5. You Feel No Attraction or Intimacy

A healthy marriage should consist of intimacy and attraction (sexual and otherwise). A lot of marriages may run into dry spells or hurdles, but if you and your spouse cannot stand the sight of each other and hold no regard for intimacy or having a sexual relationship, this is a huge red flag.

6. You Don’t Care Anymore

A lot of individuals may consider arguments and anger as a sign;there is a problem in your marriage, but this actually shows that you still care enough to react. The problem is worse when you don’t care at all anymore. If you no longer have any emotional reaction to anything your spouse does, it could be a sign that you don’t care anymore about the marriage, either. 

Remember, relationships are different for everyone. Any number of these signs may be resolved through hard work and time, and divorce doesn’t always need to be an option, but if you’re experiencing the above signs and feel as though divorce is what you want, this could be the best option for you. Only you and your spouse can make that decision.