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How to Foster a Love for Music in Your Kids

Do you want to raise children who absolutely adore music in any and every form? If so, you will have some critical work to put in starting from an early age. Here are some tips for successfully introducing your kids to music and helping to nurture an interest in it as they get older.

Engage in musical activities right from the get-go

Dance your newborn to sleep, sing to your baby, invest in a fun musical instrument set for your toddler and set aside 30 minutes for music play every day. Also, be sure to keep a look out for ‘mommy and me’ (or ‘daddy and me’) classes that revolve around music.

The more music-related activities that you engage in together from a very early age, the higher the chances that your child will develop a greater interest in music as they grow up. 

Normalise singing and dancing at home 

There is no better form of self-expression and freedom than being able to sing and dance without any fear of judgement. This begins at home when a child’s parents set that example. Sing and dance whenever the mood takes you without worrying about ‘embarrassing’ yourself. Despite the giggles or exasperated sighs that you might get from your kids occasionally, inside they will admire your passion and ability to ‘let go’ and possibly emulate it in future. 

Encourage them to learn to play an instrument

Whether it is the guitar or the piano, there are countless benefits associated with a child learning how to play a musical instrument. Some of these benefits include improved mental alertness and creativity, natural stress relief, and, of course,increased musical ability and interest in music in general. 

Do not stress too much about the cost that often comes with learning the skills necessary to play an instrument. It is possible and cost-effective to buy a second hand piano, guitar, keyboard, drum set – anything, really. Although you might want to start saving up for lessons! 

Play music every chance you get

This is a rather obvious suggestion, but its importance cannot be emphasised enough. Play music as often as you can and try to steer clear of playing just one musical genre. Expose the kids to all sorts of wonderful songs from various decades so that they can develop a diverse and versatile ‘taste’. 

Ask them about their preferences 

Have regular music-focused chats with your children starting from when they are just old enough to talk. Ask them what songs they prefer, why they enjoy them, and what they want to listen to. When they tell you their opinion, be sure to acknowledge it with a big smile, even if their taste might be a bit different to yours. As they get older and explore more types of modern music, always be open to listening to their favourites and giving positive commentary in any way that you can. 

Enriching your children with musical knowledge and exposing them to a broad array of different types of music will be a fun bonding activity for many years to come. It may even become a love that you share and enjoy together for the rest of your lives! So be sure to savour every special, musical moment.