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How to Help a Loved One Prepare Their Home for Getting Older

As our friends or family age, it may be necessary to make some home changes to make living a lot easier for them. It may be for peace of mind if they are becoming vulnerable, or maybe their mobility isn’t as good as it once was. 

Here is a helpful guide for the things you and your loved one can do to make the home a safer and happier place for them.

Consider Extras 

They may now need extras that they didn’t need before. This could be a stairlift installed by someone like this stairlift specialist to help them reach the upstairs level, or it might be supportive bars installed in the bathroom to prevent slipping and make getting in and out of the shower or bath a lot easier. 

Set Up an Alarm System

Alarm and security systems are going to be hugely beneficial for a vulnerable person, especially if they are living alone. Having a dependable alarm system can offer a huge amount of security and peace of mind, such as the Mosquito Alarm, which is an ultrasonic loitering sound deterrent alarm which can also serve to keep people away from your property. 

Think About Downsizing to One Level 

It is going to be a lot easier for your loved one to navigate theirhome if everything is on one level, without them having to battle the stairs – especially if their mobility is compromised. Downsizing can be a great option to create a more manageableand smaller space, which eliminates any steps or stairs. 

Or, Rearrange the Rooms

If downsizing simply isn’t an option, there are alternatives you could try. If your loved one has space in their home downstairs, then you could move the bedroom to a room on the first level rather than them having to navigate the stairs to get to bed. 

It may also be possible to have a downstairs bathroom installed if they don’t already have one. 

Declutter the Home

It’s the ideal time to eliminate any extra clutter and make sure that only the items which are wanted and needed are within the home. This will help with organisation and space but is also helpful forpreventing any trips or falls from clutter everywhere. 

Be sure to take the time to speak with your loved one about it orhave them help with the decluttering so that you can avoid getting rid of anything they may actually want to keep. You can donate any unwanted items to charity.

Have Everything Organised

Your loved one may need extra reminders for specific lifestyle tasks, such as eating or perhaps medication. Having an organised home will greatly help them to stick to their routine. It may be helpful to have specific items labelled, or a calendar for them to write down reminders and essential appointments. 

Be sure to organise kitchen cupboards and the fridge in a helpfulfashion, as well as other rooms of the home, so that everything can be found much more easily.