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5 Simple Home Decoration Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Fortune

Are you looking to renovate your home to change its look and feel but want to do so on a budget? There are so many things you could change around from new kitchen decor to upgrading the bedrooms. Yet, there’s one space most homeowners overlook and that’s the entry hall and staircase.

In every home, the staircase is one of the first things that greets you and your visitors as you enter the front door. Making your staircase beautiful does not mean taking the whole thing down. This article discusses 5 simple home redecoration ideas, starting with how you can make your stairs look beautiful.

1. Refresh your stairs with new spindles

Stair carpets see most footfall in any home, and the result is a worn and tired looking staircase. Depending on the age of your home, the stair spindles may already have seen better days too. Replacing the carpet is one step you can take to breathe some life into the staircase. One less known trick to transform your staircase is replacing the stair spindles.

Once new spindles are in place, you can open up your stairs and make them more welcoming by adding a splash of colour or framed photos on the walls.

2. Reinstate an old fireplace

The fireplace used to be the focal point of the family room in the old days. Today, television seems to have taken centre-stage. If you have a bare chimney stand, you could effortlessly reinstate a lovingly decorated fireplace (install an electric fire). This will inject some charm into your front room which creates a far better focal point and conversation starter.

3. Makeover your kitchen with a new coat of paint

Update your kitchen without the cost of buying a new one by using popular one-coat paints to transform your kitchen. You may not be able to change the layout but a new coat of paint will give you a new kitchen at a fraction of the cost of brand new units. 

4. Smarten the exterior of your home with painted window frames

Tired looking windows give your home poor street credit. How about restoring some shine to your window frame and smartening the exterior of your home up with some paint. Choose the correct type of paint for your windows. Exterior wood paint will protect your window frames from rot and discolouration. PVC window frames will need specialist paint or else the paint will blister and peel. 

5. Improve your bathroom by refreshing the tiles

Over time the wall tiles in the bathroom begin to look a bit too familiar. Often, they lose their shine as the grout ages too. So how can you give you bathroom a makeover without spending on a new bath and appliances?

  • Change the colour of your bathroom tiles with specialist tile paint that’s available in a wide range of colours you’ll be spoilt for choice
  • Remove stains and redefine the grouting, this is especially handy after painting
  • Add a theme to your bathroom using stencils and tile paint such as a couple of dolphins or other sea creatures over the bath etc.

Renovating your home can easily become a very expensive exercise if you take the route most homeowners take such a new bathroom or kitchen. This article shows you there is a different way to go about redecorating your home with a smaller budget. Giving a bit of love and care to your staircase spindles or repainting your kitchen cupboards are little ideas that will make a big difference.