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How To Use A Wearable Fitness Device To Stay In Shape During Covid19

With the Covid19 pandemic still upon us, some people who have had to balance work, parenthood, and life in general may have gained a few or been forced to slack off on their fitness regime!  With gyms closed or extremely limited, social distancing in place, sometimes a little bit of extra help is all you need to motivate you to get back on that fitness journey.  Wearable fitness devices could be the perfect solution. They aren’t a fix-all, but can definitely help and we will go through the steps to make sure they work for you!

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Be aware that they are not exact

Every person is unique.  Be it how you store fat, build muscle, or what kind of food you need to eat, we each have unique fitness needs.  Using a wearable fitness device like a fitbit, or a garmin watch, can help you track your daily activity levels and how mobile you are staying.  However you must not take all their readings as gospel.  

The level of accuracy these devices provide has definitely improved in recent years, but as seen in this article on one individual wearing 10 different devices at once, they will not give you the same information. What they almost all did very well though, was give an excellent range to help you gauge how active you were!  Did you burn 300 calories or 310?  Did you walk 10,000 steps or 9,700?  The tiny nuances between those don’t matter, but its important to use these as a guide to how active you are staying.  

What we are trying to say is, let these devices help you, but don’t let them run your life!!

How much do you need to spend?

As with any consumer electronics, you can spend alot, or a little, but here are a few choices based on your budget!

Value Option – Fitbit Charge 3 – This option sports a 4 star rating on amazon.co.uk across over 12,000 reviews.  It features a 7 day battery, LED backlit screen, and can be taken underwater to track swims!  At the time of this writing it came in a 89 GBP, which is a great price for a feature packed option. If you do opt for a Fitbit Charge 3, then you should check out the straps that Mobile Mob have on offer!

Top Of The Line Option – Garmin Fenix 6 – With as near a perfect rating as possible, this feature packed, amazing looking, and durable fit watch comes in at just under 500 GBP.  Top of the line doesn’t come cheap!  However the list of features is so extensive it would probably double the size of this article if we posted them all!  If you are working on speed and strength training, this watch has it all.  Calorie tracking, distance tracking via GPS, heart rate variability, and more! Definitely a good option if you are into your sports such as ice hockey. Here is an ice hockey guide if you’re looking for more info!

Budget Friendly – LETSCOM Fitness Tracker – We will be honest, this thing is designed to look identical to an apple watch, but comes in at about 15% the price (39 GBP at time of writing) and comes packed with features!  With something costing this little, the hope is really for it to be somewhat accurate and last up to a year.  Anything beyond that is a bonus! This little unit can do all day fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and is sweat and water resistant!

Wrapping it all up

We hope this article has taught you some ins and outs about wearable fitness devices.  They can be an excellent tool to improving your fitness and cardiovascular conditioning!  With the right mindset and possibly a wearable tech device you can come out of lockdown fitter and healthier than ever before!

Thanks to the team at Going Bar Down for writing this article up!