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5 Items Every Budding Home Chef Needs for the Kitchen

Do you consider yourself somewhat of a budding chef? Do you enjoy working in the kitchen, experimenting with different ingredients, tweaking recipes, and really creating your own masterpieces? If so, then there are some basic items that can make your time a lot more enjoyable and frankly smoother in the kitchen. So, if you are a budding chef and you’re looking to ramp up your game, here are five items that you may want to add to your kitchen.

A Food Scale – No More Guessing and Estimating

One of the most important things when preparing recipes and dishes is getting the measurements just right. Sure, this may not be the case for every recipe, but baking, in particular, is a bit of a science and therefore requires exact measurements. A food scale takes your game to the next level and ensures exact results.

High-Quality Knives – Make Food Preparation a Breeze

Food preparation often requires plenty of cutting, chopping, and dicing, and without the proper knife that is high quality, sharp, and precise, it can be a nightmare to prepare meals. You’ll want to start with at least a paring knife that is ideal for small and delicate jobs, and then a chef’s knife that is bigger and can take on the larger items.

Granite Counters – a Countertop Befitting of a Chef

Another item you may want to update your kitchen with is all new countertops. Not only will it give an instant boost to the overall look and design of the room, but it is the kind of countertop that any budding chef would love working on. 

Besides just looking great, there are companies like granitetransformations.co.uk that are using innovative sealant products that make the surface scratch, stain, heat, mildew, and mould resistant. This means that you can work on the counter freely without having to worry about wrecking it with a spill, a slip of the knife, or even smells that can sometimes be absorbed into the surface.

A Cast Iron Skillet – No Kitchen is Complete without It

If you ask a chef what their most-used pan is in the kitchen, time and time again, you’ll find that a cast iron skillet is the first one they list. These are a traditional style of pan, and theyhave stuck around for a good reason. 

Not only are they durable and will last a lifetime, but they help to add flavour to your meal and really transform your dishes. Cooking in them is an experience in itself. Just make sure you research how to properly care for them, as you are never to wash them with soap or put them in a dishwasher.

A Digital Instant-Read Thermometer – Start Cooking Meat to Perfection

If you’ve been in the habit of watching the clock to determine if your meat is “done”, it’s time to up your game and pick up the best instant read thermometer. Taking the temperature of your meat is the only true and accurate way to test for “doneness”.

Each of these items will help you to become the home chef that you are aspiring to be.