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6 Cleaning Mistakes you are making and how to fix them

We all know that cleaning the entire house requires a substantial amount of time and effort. However, with ever-growing responsibilities and a busy schedule, you might find it challenging to take out time for your extensive cleaning routine. Not everyone can outsource the cleaning to houston house cleaning services, so they clean the house by themselves and skip important elements to try and save time. But these can turn out to be mistakes in the long run. Whatever can be done?

But don’t worry, here are the 6 cleaning mistakes that you are making, and some amazing tips and tricks which can help in fixing them.

Mistake #1 Leaving Behind a Dirty Sink

Research shows that your kitchen sink contains more germs than your toilet. After a party, when the guests leave, you’re often too tired to organize your kitchen. Thus, you end up dumping all the dishes in the kitchen sink. However, one should be very cautious as your sink area is filled with bacteria and food particles.


Even if you plan on keeping the dishes unwashed in the sink, make sure that you remove the food particles, and run the dishes through the water once. This helps in eradicating smell and bacteria from them. Besides this, once you’ve washed the dishes, it is best to clean the sink with lemon for cleaning purposes, and a fresh smell. 

Mistake #2 Not Cleaning the Windows

Due to the excessive load of work, many people forget to clean the windows properly. It is imperative to clean the windows from inside and outside because untidy windows ruin the overall look of your home. 


You can clean the windows of your house conveniently with hot soapy water to keep them nice and tidy. Moreover, one of the best ways is to brush and rinse window screens thoroughly to ensure that they stay cleaner for an extended period. 

Mistake #3 Scrubbing Carpet Stains Aggressively 

Your carpet can easily get stained due to instances like spilling of tea or a food item. It is no secret that when you scrub your carpet stain over and over again, the stains get pushed further into your carpet fibers. This makes it difficult to remove stains from the carpet. Not sure what is the right way to get rid of carpet stains? Here’s what you need to know.


The best way to go about it is by spraying the carpet cleaner onto an absorbent cloth and dab it on the stain. And as the stain dissolves, wipe the stain with a clean cloth. This process might consume a lot of time, but removes stains effectively. 

Mistake #4 Spraying Cleaners Directly

Many people make the mistake of spraying cleaners directly on the surface, like furniture, countertops, etc. This is because the cleaner might cause the color of the surface to fade. 

Besides this, spraying cleaners directly causes more of the cleaner to be released in the air. This can be harmful to people with allergies or asthma. 


While cleaning a surface, one of the best practices is to spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth to prevent the surface from becoming greasy, and making the most use of the product. 

Mistake #5 Wiping Counters with a Dirty Cloth or Sponge

Manan Sharma, the microbiologist of the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Laboratory, said that sponges are typically the dirtiest thing in the kitchen, and it is challenging to keep them clean. 

The real problem occurs when you use a dirty kitchen cloth or sponge for wiping counters. This is because it spread bacteria all over your kitchen. Wondering what the right way to go about it is?


The best way out is to keep a separate sponge for the sink, and a separate cloth or sponge for kitchen counters. Apart from this, to stop the bacteria from spreading, you should wash your counter cloths often with a high-quality detergent. 

Mistake #6 Trying to Clean Everything at Once

According to a study, on average, women spend around 2.6 hours a day on household activities. However, it is essential to remember that you can’t clean the entire house at once, without any help. This is because cleaning the house consumes a lot of your time and energy. 

Also, by trying to complete all the cleaning tasks in a day only could result in a bigger mess in your house, thus adding to your frustration. Then, what is the right way to go about it? 


To avoid the hassle, you can look for outside help, like hiring reliable housekeeping service providers. And the good thing is that many Dallas maid services providers offer varied packages, so you can choose the services that you want for your home accordingly.  

The Final Words

Most women indeed like it when their homes appear clean to the visitors. And, a clean house is not just crucial for a good impression but represents your hygiene standards as well. 

Nevertheless, it is critical to note that you can’t do everything on your own. It is okay to rely on housekeeping service providers that can help shed off your burden. 

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