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3 Reasons to Plan Your Funeral Now

No one likes thinking about their funeral or what will happen when the time comes, but if we don’t plan for this inevitable reality, we could be leaving our loved ones with difficult decisions to make at a very sad time. No one wants to think of their friends or loved ones being in more anguish than they already will be.

Planning For Your Passing

No matter what happens, the only inevitable thing in life is our eventual death (and the need to pay taxes, but that’s for a different article)!

This reason alone is good enough to consider planning your funeral in advance, but if you need some further convincing, here are 3 reasons to plan your funeral now.

To Alleviate Family Arguments

Whilst we’d wish that everyone’s families got on as well as The Waltons, it’s a sad fact that many British families today struggle with family conflicts, and these could be made worse under stressful situations like that of the death of a loved one.

It’s suggested when you buy property or take on any other large commitment that you invest in making a will, and many will writers will also encourage you to plan your funeral. This means no arguments between family members when the time does come to say goodbye.

Fixing Your Costs Today 

Funerals can be very expensive. The average funeral in the UK is between £3,000 and £5,000, rising to over £8,000 depending on what kind of funeral you would like. 

One of the benefits of planning your funeral ahead of time with a company like exithere.com is that you will be able to fix the cost of your funeral so your loved ones don’t receive any nasty financial surprises when the time does come to say goodbye.

Your Style Your Decisions

Planning your funeral before you pass over has been described as the final gift you can give your loved ones. Taking away the burden of making decisions will allow them to mourn in peace and grieve without the worry of planning.

The benefit to you is that you get your funeral exactly as you want it with no messing about! 

Of course, you may wonder why exactly it matters. You’ll be gone so why should it matter what it looks like? Many people have different views on this, and that’s ok. But if you have a particular religious belief, or if you are morally opposed to people wearing black at your funeral, you can specify this ahead of time. 

This takes the burden off your loved ones and ensures you get the send-off that you deserve.

The Right Location

This is a reason that most people overlook, but if you are looking to be buried or have your ashes scattered in a particular spot, you will usually need to decide this ahead of time. 

By planning your funeral, you can make sure you have the correct and necessary permissions in place, or you can decide to change your location if it transpires that you are not able to scatter your ashes or be buried in the location you initially wanted.