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6 Tips for Quick, Yet Healthy Family Meals

Every parent wants to ensure their kids get the vitamins and nutrients that they need to grow and develop. However, preparing healthy, nutrient-rich meals often takes a lot of time and effort, posing a challenge for busy moms and dads. Read on if you’re looking for fool-proof parenting hacks revolving around optimising the process of feeding your family.

Prep ahead of time

You will often see recommendations regarding preparing your weekday meals over the weekend – but who wants to spend their time off slaving away in the kitchen? If you simply can’t picture yourself doing this, why not consider prepping your evening meals in the morning instead? This could mean defrosting your meat, chopping up your veggies and stashing them in the fridge, and perhaps whipping up a quick pasta sauce before heading off on the school run. 

Or, if you’re the type of person that like to cook smart – why not try out some great pressure cooker recipes that are both healthy and quick.

Cook larger portions

Double up on the portions of food that you make in the evenings and freeze the leftovers for the following week. Alternatively, pop them in the fridge and serve them for lunch to save yourself some time in the afternoon. You could even use the extra minutes you have during lunchtime to cook that evening’s dinner as a result. 

Consider ready-meal deliveries

A huge number of parents shy away from ordering readymeals because they worry about the quality of the ingredients that goes into them. There is also a concern that they might not be quite as healthy as a meal that you could have made yourself. The truth is that there are several meal prep delivery UK companies that promise highly nutritious, ultra-healthy meals for families. Chefiesta is a great example to look into. 

Invest in a slow cooker 

slow cooker is every busy parents’ best friend! This nifty kitchen gadget allows you to throw in your dinner well-ahead of time and leave it cook throughout the day. By the time you get home – VOILA. Dinner will be full of flavour, the house will smell incredible, and everyone will be good and ready to eat. 

Collect recipes 

There are so many recipes out there that can be prepared in mere minutes, but that are also packed with goodness – you just have to find them and perfect them! Make sure that you hold onto these gems by writing them down in a special notebook or perhaps downloading a family-friendly recipe app

Turn cooking into a bonding experience 

If you hate cooking in the evenings because you would much rather be spending time with your kids, why not make the effort to turn the act into a bonding experience? Most children love to help their parents in the kitchen, and it is also a great way to help fussier eaters connect with food in a more productive fashion. They are much more likely to eat a meal that they helped to cook, after all. 

Dinner is sorted. With the help of these tips, there is certain to be no more stress surrounding the process of feeding the family. You’re welcome!