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What to wear at work: A style guide for stressed professionals

No more stressing about what you are going to wear at the Monday meeting

No more rummaging through closets to find an outfit to impress the investors

Want to have the charms of Harvey Scot and grace of Rachel Zane as you wow the crowd and sign deals? Want success in today’s harsh corporate world and make statements with your looks and exceptional fashion taste?

Emulate the tips we have outlined in this fashion guide for you, and you will slay business attires with comfort and confidence.

Know that you are royalty, and nothing comes in your way to take over the world.


The 21st century Mr. Darcy- A Formal Business look


To possess the urban finesse of Mr. Darcy and to interact with people with unmatched eloquence, you must dress in with a distinct voguish style. 

What’s the perfect clothing item you need? A crisp, snazzy and dapper suit. Invest in a good suit and have good things happen to you. 

Sure, you need not go over the board with the designer ones that cost more than your annual pay. A timeless and elegant suit paired with strategic play of a tie and shirt according to the ongoing trends, and you’re ready to steal the show. 


Before buying a suit, see if the one you own is trendy enough. Search through your closet for items that match the suit. Buy the items you do not own but will help you rock the suit. It can be a new leather belt, a new snappy collared-shirt, etc. 


Business Casuals to Celebrate Fridays

Who says work clothes have to be sharp, crisp, dull, and uncomfortable? Slaying your outfit means feeling snug and sexy- impossible if you are not at ease with what you’re wearing. 

The panacea to it is business casuals. They are cozy and yet oh-so-fine in looks. Dress like a pro and work with a buzzing excitement on Fridays as the weekend is just around the corner.

A laid-back love child of a professional wardrobe and a business casuals include a pant paired with a shirt or a fancy sweater.

The second option, you exchange the pants with some sophisticated pair of jeans. A poised pair of shoes later, you’re a queen at managing perfect business ensembles.


Tip time:

Adorn a black skirt with a cream-colored loose top. Put a black cardigan and some black pointed-toe pumps. Match a cream-colored handbag with your attire.

For accessories- go for a minimalistic approach – a pair of pearl tops and maybe a dainty wrist-watch is more than enough.

Some Leather on Men to Ace Business Casual Attires

The professional world doesn’t solely revolve around 3-piece suits with ties and cufflinks.  It also includes more relaxed and laid-back elements too. It is called ‘business casual attire.’

These business casuals involve many components of formal attires but come with their comfortable khakis too. Business casuals can be suave, elegant, and also cozy – wear them to be a total looker and stun your audience.


Though, do know this:

Business casuals can vary for office to office, and you shouldtalk with your colleagues to get a better idea. These casuals come with a wide range, from iconic jeans to stuffy ties.

Whatever the norms of your workplace are, keep it classy and make heads turn. 

Want quick ensemble tips? 

Put on some dark washed jeans, a chequered-shirt, and a sleeveless light grey sweater. Some shiny leather double monks or versatile chukkas and maybe a messenger laptop bag that screams deluxe taste. You are the man of the hour. 

Hold up though, 

This being said, you can add in a little mischief and give off those sexy bad-body charms with a persona of a well-groomed gentleman. What is fashion without some spice, right?


And what better representation of spice than an ageless leather jacket? 

From the smooth, velvety touch to the great design highlightingyour features and personality, a men leather jacket is what will transform your business casual outfit from ordinary to terrific.   

A rich brown or black leather jacket over a pristine white shirt and dark blue jeans is the complete look you need to amaze people and have them gushing over your style.

Black and White- Women’s Forever Business Formal soul mates


Whatever anyone says, facts are facts. When we say facts, we mean that there are some never ever-lasting classics in the professional world, that never go out of trend. Black and white is one such combination. 

Nothing oozes more defined professionalism than a tailored pair of the black cardigan and straight well-fit black pants. 

Is it conservative? Well, at first glance, it might look like that. But play strategically, and miracles will happen.

With some smart pairing and combination, your seemingly plain and boring ensemble will turn you into an unbeatable iconic and charismatic woman who caters to no-nonsense. 

Come on, as much as you might not like to admit; it’s true that when people see a woman in black and white, with a well-kept hairdo and pointed black heels, their brain knows to take her seriously because she means business. 

How to look sophisticatedly beautiful as you take to show you take your job seriously?


Adorn a collared-white button-down under a two-piece black suit. Of course, ditching the pants for a black skirt is also perfect and will have you look just as put-together, if not more. Trust us. 


We know you’re a lady on a mission. Wearing heels all day may hinder you from world domination. Let nothing stand in your way.

Opt for having a spare set of ballets or low-heeled pumps for when you’re not running around having meetings or leaving lasting impressions. 

As for accessories to go with your ensemble, you need not fuss over it a lot. A vintage handbag to display your exquisite personality, a pair of dainty studs on your ears, and a watch on your wrist is the maximum you need. 

Final Word

Now that you know the closet-essentials to slay the professional world, we hope you’ve jotted down all that your wardrobe has and is missing. What next may you wonder? Well, it’s shopping time now. 

Search for sales, familiarize yourself with the culture of your workplace to know what kind of attires are acceptable there. Then you hit the shopping mall.

We suggest you take the help of sales associates and buy items that you know will remain trendy for quite some time. 

The next time you’re preparing for the next day, thinking aboutwhat outfit to wear, you know better than to stress, okay? Our guide is there to save your day!

Author Bio: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on TwitterLinkedInFacebook