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How to find the right bully stick for your dog

One of the things that most dog owners know is that chewing is good for their pets. A bully stick is made for that specific reason, to let your dog just have at it. It reliefs your pet form boredom and is made of pure beef muscle. What it does is help support the healthy teeth and gums as it gently scraps your dog’s teeth while he is chewing on it. It’s important to know the right size of the bully stick for your dog and it’s one of the cheaper options. Few key components matter when picking the right one. The length and width and shape.

Length and Width

A typical bully stick comes in the form of 4inch, 6inch, and 12inchand its length will depend on your dog’s size. How long will he chew it for? How wide is his mouth? The bully sticks that are larger like the 12inch ones are targeted for larger dogs who have strong chews due to their humongous jaws. For a much smaller puppy, a 4inch will suffice and for mid-sized dogs, you can opt for a 6inch stick.

As for the width that too depends on the size of your dog. The thicker the stick, the harder it is to chew for your pet. If your pet is big opt for a bigger bully stick as the thinner ones will not suffice. They come in thin sizes for smaller dogs, regular sizes for regular dogs, jumbo sizes for dogs that are bigger than usual, and monster options for the big dogs. Some thicknesses are suitable for most dogs like the regular width usually works well in most cases. In contrast, the monster size is for larger dogs and can be difficult for other dogs to chew on. In short, if you are unsure just pick a regular bully stick width.

The Shape

The usual bully stick shape is straight and usually 12 inches or shorter in length. There are other shapes, like curls, braids, pretzels, loops, and more. There’s a diverse range to choose from but each of them has its quirks. Like the curled sticks can create more friction in the mouth and does a good job of removing plaque from the teeth. The braided ones are a little more complex to chew on and allows the dog to find their way to chew onto it. The ring-shaped ones are amazing for playing fetch and the pretzel shapes bully sticks will keep your pet curious for a while. The shape you choose will depend more on your dog’s familiarity with bully sticks. If your dog hasn’t ever had a bully stick before, stick to the straight ones. However, it’s important to note that there’s no wrong choice when it comes to bully sticks. Some are better than others for your pet and it mostly depends on the attribute of your pet.

Introducing Your Dog to Bully Sticks

Introducing the bully stick to your puppy shouldn’t be difficult. Most of them love bully sticks and will happily take them from your hand by themselves. However, do not let them have the bully stick for too long at a time. 10 minutes is the recommended period that your dog should play or chew on a bully stick, no more than that. The chew treats are filled with proteins and it is a vital nutrient for all dogs out there. It helps to keep them healthy especially for a developing puppy it will help foster the development of healthy, strong bones but the reason you shouldn’t let them have it for more than 10 minutes is that having a large amount of protein at a time can be harmful to a dog’s developing digestive tract and your dog can end up vomiting.