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Tips for Keeping Your Kid’s Room Clean

Keeping your kid’s room clean is one of the challenging chores on a mother’s plate. If you have kids aged between 2 to 12 years old, you will also have a messy bedroom! Of course, that’s not shocking, as young children are usually overactive while learning how to manage things on their own or developing a sense of personal accountability. However, when your children are at their self-disciplinary point, it is totally up to you how you clean and arranges their room, which in turn provides them with an excellent example. Well, irrespective of where your children are at the scale of self- disciplinary, it’s entirely up to you clear their bedroom. This, as a result, sets a great example for your kids to follow.

Now, you might have a couple of questions regarding cleaning your kids’ room – where to begin, how to organize toys and clothes, and how to keep the room clean. Here are answers in the form of tips and advice to clean and organize your child’s bedroom effectively Read on!

1). Sort out the Mess

When clothes, toys, shoes, and other items just lying around your kid’s room, it cannot be attributed to one day’s work. The issue arises when you wait until tomorrow to clean up the whole mess, and tomorrow never appears to come. The first thing to do is to clear the mess at times. Storage containers and cupboards come in handy to organize clothes. 

2). Organizing Kids’ Clothes

Arrange your child’s clothes into occasional wear and regular wear and place it in the cupboard or drawers in your kid’s room. Keep their regular wear at hand to access with ease. Keep their winter wear separately. You could use shoe boxes as splits in the drawers if you own a chest of drawers.

3). Get Rid of Old

Most parents don’t want to get rid of the old stuff, and that is the main reason for overflowing drawers.  You should get rid of your child’s shoes and clothes if he or she has outgrown. The same applies to old toys that can quickly be discarded. You can only make room for the new when you get rid of the old stuff.

4). Decluttering Children’s Activities Cupboard

Cupboards holding games and activities of your kids should be clear of clutter as they pile up to the mess. Anything that is broken or of no use through them to the bin. Birthdays and Christmas are the perfect time to empty your kid’s cupboard so that all the new items come in during this period to make a place for all of them.

When you eradicate all the unnecessary stuff from the room, it becomes quite easy to organize and maintain your kid’s room. 

5). Vacuum Floors, Walls and Upholstery

Generally, you would enter and clean the floors and mop later. Although cleaning floors is a must, many parents prefer to overlook regular walls and upholstery cleaning, thinking it is unnecessary. Indeed this is far from true because dust collects just like furniture on walls and tiles. Besides, many children suffer from allergies or asthma that make dust a big attack cause. Moreover, an automatic vacuum cleaner with the right head-mounted is ideal to clean corners, tapered furniture, walls, and curtains. 

The Final Verdict

Thorough cleaning of your kid’s bedroom must be carried out every alternate day, if not daily. If you are restricted for the time, the tip(s) above are intended for spot cleaning or quick cleaning. You can say goodbye to anxiety and disappointment in cleaning and organizing your children’s bedroom with the above tips and ideas!