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How to Add Space to Your Home

Additional space is a desire of many homeowners, particularly for those in bigger cities where living quarters tend to be more cramped. While creating space can be easily done with a new build or a renovation, that option isn’t always available to everyone.

If you’re in a position to add, rebuild, or renovate, or if you’re simply looking for a few tricks to improve the space in your home, keep reading for a few tips.

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Replace or Amend Furniture

If you’re looking to add space to a particular space like the living room, replacing or amending the furniture can be a good place to start. Many people don’t realise how much space is eaten up by furniture, particularly if you’ve been living with the same arrangement for a long period of time. Experiment by taking out all the furniture in a room and assess how much space has been cleared. Then you can decide how to change the style of furniture to accommodate the room and increase your spatial needs.

Increase Storage Options

Getting creative with storage is another vital way of improving space in your home. If you haven’t already evaluated any dead space in your home, doing so could provide you with additional storage options that you hadn’t considered. 

For example, dead spaces or unused storage areas couldinclude:• Under the stairs• Inside railing banisters• Around the perimeter of doors• On or inside walls• Beneath the bed• Inside existing furniture (e.g., old chests that serve as coffee tables)

Expand, Expand, Expand

Expansion can mean several things. You could build a conservatory or extension to the back of your home, for example, to vastly increase the space of not only a specific room but the entire house. However, expansion could also mean turning a basement or attic into a sitting room or utilising the garden to build an indoor study. If you have the budget, the means, and the room to do it, expanding areas of your home could significantly increase space in your home while also boosting its value.

Add Floor to Ceiling Windows 

Another way to enhance space in your home is by creating the illusion of it. Floor to ceiling windows are one way to do this because the large amount of glass can make a room feel grander, taller, and more expansive. Windows of this style and size greatly increase the amount of light in the space, which also makes it feel roomier and larger. Check out your local window company to see what options might be available to help your rooms feel more spacious and lighter.

Remove Walls

Removing walls is a bit more drastic, but if you have the opportunity, it can create a lot more space in your home. With this option, you can turn one room into two or remove a wall that is blocking space in a particular area. Removing walls can make a room more flexible and alter walkways throughout.

Adding space is a very achievable feat with a few creative and tactful techniques like the ones above. Have fun!