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5 Home Improvements to Make Your Home Cosier

It feels like the summer of 2020 has been lost to the COVID-19 crisis despite an easing of restrictions, and almost unbelievably, autumn is now on the horizon. Although the weather is still warm and pleasant (give or take a rainy day or two), in the not too distant future everyone will be reaching for their jumpers and extra blankets once again. 

With this in mind, perhaps it’s a good time to start thinking about how you can make your home extra cosy this winter. Here are 5 cool home improvements that will make your home the ultimate cosy hideaway and could also help increase your property’s value.

1. Fireplace

Warming up in front of a fireplace during the miserable winter months is possibly one of the most satisfying sensations. Not only do they inspire the cosiest of atmospheres, but they can also look incredible, too. Some houses already have these in place, but it’s not impossible to have one put in if you live in a property without one. There are many designs to choose from as well, from more vintage looks to modern chic. If you’re worried about having an open fire in your home, you could always opt for an electric fire instead which can look equally amazing.

2. Upgrade Your Windows

Having quality windows installed in your home will not only help keep the heat in during the cooler times of the year, but they can improve the appearance of your property as well. There are different styles to choose from, but if you want to inspire a rustic look for the cosy effect, consider styles like these timber sash windows London. Often this style of window is found in period properties, but even in modern builds, they look fantastic.

3. Improve Your Insulation

If you’re happy with the appearance of your home and are looking for more practical ways to keep your house cosy, checking the quality of your insulation could be a good place to start. This should have come up when a surveyor inspected the property before you bought it (if you own your home), but it’s always worth checking it every once in a while. You might even want to use better materials than the ones currently being used to improve it.

4. Flooring

Having good quality underlay under your carpets or wooden flooring is also important for insulation purposes. You might even consider having underfloor heating put in and this will certainly help keep your home warm throughout the winter. The style of your flooring can also enhance the atmosphere of a room, and both fluffy carpets and hardwood floors can create a cosy vibe. Just make sure to put a nice rug down on the latter to finish the look.

5. Colour Scheme

Finally, one of the simpler and probably cheaper ways to make a room or your entire home feel cosier is by choosing the right colour scheme. Warming tones such as reds, oranges,and earthy tones are a good place to start; however, certain greens, blues, and creams can also achieve this if chosen wisely. 

2020 has flown by: get ready for winter by creating a cosy living space.