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Essential items to have in your new man cave

If you’re converting an existing space or looking to invest in a new one to create your perfect sports, games, and relaxation paradise, there are some must-have items to consider.

The ‘man cave.

The so-called ‘man cave’ comes in many different shapes and sizes. From the front room where you escape to watch the football to a converted shed that contains a darts board, draft beer, and plethora of spirits, the man cave is designed for a particular purpose: escapism mixed with enjoyment and, occasionally, socialising. 

To decide what items, go inside the cave, a niche should be settled on. Is your enjoyment watching sport, collecting a specifictype of object, or working away at DIY or building furniture? If you know what the umbrella aim of the space is, then you can home in on the particular items you need.


Another possibility is that your man cave is set up for work. To enjoy a new garden workshop, your essential items will include the right tools, a sturdy bench, a radio, and possibly a bookshelf for the horticultural readings needed to make your outdoor area pristine. If you’re less green-fingered and more into building, then consider trying to soundproof your man cave so that the hammering and sawing doesn’t annoy the rest of the house. 


If it’s entertainment you’re looking for – such as films, games,and sport – then a good screen is necessary. Getting a high definition, large screen television means you’ll be able to see every kick, every swing, and every explosion in top quality. If you can accompany this with an incredible sound system, you’ll be on your way to your man cave, providing you with the equivalent of a home cinema. 

Also, look at cheap deals of games tables, such as table football, air hockey, and pool, as these are excellent ways to spend 20 minutes with your friends rather than a full afternoon or evening. 

Drinks fridges are another essential item. Alcoholic or soft, having cold cans and bottles to call upon when necessary is a vital part of the man cave experience. If you have room, a draft beer dispenser revolutionises your home.


Your cave may well be a space to house your collections, or peruse your belongings, more than to entertain. This could be the case for those into diecast trucks, model railways, LEGO, or antiques. If your man cave is a place for displays, then good-sized tables and Perspex or glass cabinets are essential components of the room. Good accent lighting will help show off your collection, and a small kitchenette area means you can make snacks and hot drinks while you’re painting models or playing with boy’s toys.

Aside from manual jobs, your separated space could also be put to use for more peaceful pastimes such as writing, painting, or yoga. For these, ensure your cave is fitted out with comfortable flooring and seating and decorate the interior walls creatively, so you do not have to be mindful in a boring, closed-off box.