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3 Easy Tips for Decorating a Breakfast Nook

Nowadays in most homes the kitchen is the hub of the household. The kitchen is where everything from breakfast to work takes place, and it makes sense to decorate this room in a way that feels contemporary, cosy, and charming.

Breakfast nooks, which usually consist of built in tables and chairs in a window space or alcove therefore provide the perfect opportunity to embrace interior design trends in a subtle and refined way. Even if your kitchen is small, with some careful planning you can create a space that is stylish yet highly functional. 

So, let us discover 3 tips for decorating a breakfast nook to create a kitchen space that everyone in your house can enjoy.

Start with Your Table and Chairs

When decorating your breakfast nook, your first step is to choose your table and chairs. To begin, measure the available space to determine the maximum table size. Remember to factor in enough room to leave clearance for any chairs to move comfortably in and out. If your nook is a little small, tall side tables or entry tables that measure around 29-30 inches high can work well. Additionally, if you are going to be building a bench, it is best to allocate somewhere between 20 to 26 inches for depth, to make room for layered pillows.

Your dining chairs are one of the most eye-catching elements of your breakfast nook and so you should try to choose seating arrangements that are visually appealing. Chairs with sculptural elements such as detailed backs and armrests, and interesting textures like Danish cord can work well, or if you prefer mis-matched styles you can combine different chair types. Moreover, antique stores are well worth a visit if you prefer reclaimed styles. Just be sure to check out some Breakfast Nook Ideas online first to get a feel for the vibe that you want to create.

Pick a Colour Scheme

Deciding on a colour scheme is a fundamental part of any decorating process. Put simply, picking a colour scheme for your breakfast nook can help you to focus your thoughts so that you can plan the other elements of your design. Colour can enhance your space while also injecting a sense of place and personality and so you should not be afraid to experiment to find out what works for you. 

Not sure where to begin? If you want to create a bold look, try to stick to 3 or 4 main colours, and then vary the shades to see which tones fit your nook. Primary colours like red, blue, and yellow will stand the test of time while still feeling contemporary and can be easily paired with white for a fresh look. However, if a subdued style feels more authentic to you, picking 2 or 3 non-contrasting colours from the same palette can make your nook seem calm and consistent.

Textures are Everything

Texture can sometimes be overlooked when designing small spaces like nooks. That being said, there is no denying that your choice of texture can massively determine the way that your space feels. For instance, if you want to create a chic impression, then smooth and shiny textures that reflect the light are best. Comparatively, if a sense of warmth is important to you, then soft raised textures can absorb the light and make your nook seem even more cosy.

One way to add texture to your breakfast nook is through your choice of pillows. For example, mixing together 4 or 5 pillows in different patterns can bring together your design choices. Moreover, if your nook feels too cluttered, stripes and neutral patterns can break up any busier elements. Additionally, if your nook is close to a window, using a sheer or classicallypatterned curtain in a soft colour can add a touch of glamour and sophistication ensuring that your space feels warm, intimate, and engaging.

Ultimately by using your kitchen space resourcefully, you can decorate your breakfast nook to your individual taste while at the same time creating an inviting corner of your home that is well suited to work and play. Above all, making the most of your breakfast nook is all about embracing the quaintness of the space available and acknowledging timeless interior design features that will never go out of style.

Breakfast nooks are a great way to utilize all available spacein your kitchen. You can find more interior design inspiration by taking a look at this guide to creating a family orientated kitchen.