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Upgrading Your Home with Hive

Home is a safe haven for all of us, where we feel most at ease and relaxed. As of recent though, for many people the line between home life and work-life has become blurry.

There are many tips and tricks that you can deploy that will help to add some structure back into your days whilst you look to regain control of the work, life balance.

I’ve been working from home since March and at first I struggled to get accustomed to the new setup as I’m sure many other people across the UK did too! Wherever possible, I’ve attempted to keep certain things similar. For example, I used to listen to Radio 1 every morning on my commute into the office so each morning I would recreate this by listening to the radio for 10/15 minutes before starting any work. I found this really useful as it got me in the right frame of mind, it’s like my brain knew that it needed to work after hearing the radio!

Another great way to inject some routine and relief into your life is to upgrade your home using Hive products! Hive offers a way to create a connected home in order to make things much easier.

I’m going to take you through some hacks that you could deploy whilst using the range of products that Hive offers.

Work Life vs Home Life

Let’s start with work life vs home life and how you can separate the two more effectively whilst working from home.

  • Using Hive’s smart lighting, why don’t you try scheduling one of their colour changing bulbs to change to a certain tone when it’s time to start work. You could also schedule the bulb to change back when you finish work so you become accustomed to certain tones in order to separate work and home life. Schedules can be setup via the Hive app on your phone making it super easy to do!
  • You could also use a Hive plug to turn something on which would signal the end of the day. Again, using the Hive app on your phone, a schedule for the smart plug can be setup. Maybe you finish work at 4pm, you could schedule your radio to turn on.

Both of these are just initial ideas, you could take this even further with you own weird and wonderful ways to use Hive products in order to separate work and home life!

Inject Some Fun into your Home

Next I’d like to discuss a number of ways you can inject some fun into your home life. Let’s face it, over the last 5 months, there have probably been plenty of times where boredom has started to kick in!

  • Using a Hive smart sensor, why not setup alerts for when someone opens the snack cupboard! The alert will be sent to your phone via the app and you could make a rule that the person who is caught red-handed has to share their goodies with the whole family!
  • Mad Hour: our kids tend to have an hour every evening where they just go crazy! Using a smart plug why not schedule your smart speaker to start playing music at a certain time so the kids can dance around and release some energy!

There are many more ways you could get creative with Hive products to bring more fun into your daily routine, so get experimenting!


After a long, hard day of working, it’s so important to put your feet up and relax so that you can recuperate!

Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate smart home products into your relaxation routine.

  • Date Night: My wife and I always have a few date nights each month where we spend time together. Sometimes we light candles and pop a film on the TV but to make it extra special we have recently used a Hive colour changing bulb to provide romantic red glow! You should definitely give this a go, you could also dim the light too.
  • Exercise: if you’re like me, then you will find exercise relaxing. Whether it’s yoga or a 30 minute HIIT session, why not have set a different colour for each. You could try a relaxing blue shade for a chilled out yoga session and a bright white for an intense HIIT session.

Control Screen Time

You may think we are quite mean parents because we told our kids that when you heard the ice cream van, it means he has run out of ice cream!

Well taking this concept, you could schedule the TV to turn off a couple of hours before the kids’ bedtime and have them think the TV just doesn’t work after a certain time in the evening! If your kids are anything like ours, the reduction in screen time will be a good thing!

You could also setup a schedule for the light to turn green at a certain time which could signify that it’s okay for the kids to watch the TV or their iPad. Then after an hour or two hours, you could set the light to change to red, which could signify it is time to stop watching. This could be a good way to control screen time!

Upgrade Your Home

I hope these hacks have provided you with some inspiration on ways to bring routine into your ever-merging work and home life. I’m also hoping that I’ve opened your eyes to the world of smart home products and how they could enhance your home life!

Our whole family absolutely loves the Hive products and when other family members have visited recently, they have been super impressed with how we’ve upgraded our home with smart products!

I really do urge you to check out the Hive website to understand how their products could be used in your home.

This post is in conjunction with Hive, but all thoughts are my own