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Do Delay Sprays Work? Resolve Common Queries About PE Sprays

There are a lot of speculations and debates about the effectiveness of delay sprays used to control premature ejaculation or PE issues in men. If you have been thinking about using the same but feeling hesitant because of the controversies, you have just come to the right place. Here you’ll get authentic information about PE sprays, as well as the right ways of applying to eliminate such issues and enhance your carnal performance. 

But before that, you should know the causes of premature ejaculation to get a deeper insight into the problem.

What causes premature ejaculation?

Numerous medical conditions, psychological and physiological factors contribute to the lack of control over ejaculation, like an over-sensitive penis, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia or BPH, problems in the thyroid gland, anxiety while having sex, relationship issues, and depression. It can also be triggered by the increased use of some medications, e.g. recreational drugs or anti-depressants. 

No matter the causes, you need not feel disheartened about PE issues, as they can be controlled with the help of anti-climax sprays, or delay sprays that help increase the duration of orgasm. If you’re wondering where to get such genuine products, you can buy it here after knowing the right ways of applying it. Let’s now give you some idea, as the effectiveness of these sprays depends a lot on their application. 

Where should you apply the spray and how

Well, you should apply the delay spray on the sensitive areas of the penis, generally the tip and the bottom of the shaft. The effectiveness of the spray is independent of the condition of the penis (flaccid or hard), but it lasts based on your level of sensitivity and product authenticity. It’s best to apply the spray before getting into bed with your partner to prevent awkward interruptions.

What type of condoms should you wear?

You should go through the instructions on the product. While most of them are okay to be used with all types of condoms, some of them require only latex condoms for maximum effectiveness. 

Do you need to wipe excess spray?

Some of these products require you to wipe down excess materials before having sex, as it may desensitize your partner. However, some others don’t require any wipe down, as their absorbing capacity is higher. This allows the active ingredients to get to the nerves under the surface faster, which prevents excess residue from inhibiting sexual pleasures or transpiring to the body of the women and causing further complications. 

Is it okay if the desensitizing spray reaches your partner?

It’s recommended to follow the guidelines on the product package carefully to prevent any residue from reaching the body of your partner. It may slow down her orgasmic capacity, thus degrading the overall experience. 

Are there any side effects?

Different products have come with different side effects, and you should have proper knowledge of the same before using it extensively. Read the product label carefully and understand every precautionary measure that you need to take. You should also read about the product on the internet and gain as much information as possible. 

Wrapping it up

High-quality delay sprays with the right ingredients can indeed help you control premature ejaculation. This apart, you can also practice Kegels and other pelvic floor muscle exercises to increase your control on ejaculation. With the right product and proper lifestyle changes, you can easily get rid of PE issues to improve carnal performance.