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Confiding in the Church: 10 Signs That a Pastor Is Worthy of Your Trust

Christian life in the modern age can be quite challenging. This is because society is getting more complicated with endless options, opinions, and new trends being the norm. To remain strong in the Lord regardless of what happens to you, every Christian needs thoughtful guidance. However, not everyone can be a confidant as the Bible warns believers against the advice of the wicked (Proverbs 12: 5).

In essence, this means that as a believer, you need a strong foundation that will enable you to continue living a Christ-like life. The channel to achieving this is by firstly allowing God’s word to be the guiding light for all your endeavors. Nevertheless, since you need to continuously be strengthened and refreshed as Christian, you require true fellowship.

What it means to find true fellowship

Acts 2:42-47 best describes what true fellowship was to the early believers. It was ingrained in devotion to the apostle’s teachings, saying prayers together, supporting one another, and the mutual breaking of bread. Most importantly, is that all this was done with gladness and sincere hearts.

Today, the mandate of being part of a fellowship is best achieved by focusing on the right details when looking for a church. As the church is not the building, attention must be paid to the tangible attributes of the believers and its leaders. This is because once you become a member of any church, you require the confidence to confide in them. In essence, what every believer needs today is being part of a purpose-driven church.

What constitutes a purpose-driven church

While times have changed, the early church is the point of reference for the modern-day believer. The perfect example it set is to be the measure for every Christian trying to find a home of fellowship. At a glance the purpose-driven church is centered on;

  • The true teachings of the word of God. A church is defined by its adherence to the holy teachings of the Bible. As such, this must be your number one priority as a believer.
  • Full belief in the power of God. Beyond offering teachings based on the Bible, a church must show complete trust in God’s power. This is to be done through both faith and action.
  • Dedication to worship and winning souls. The Lord takes delight in the worship of the saints. A purpose-driven church understands this and uses this as a channel to winning more souls.
  • A strong Christ-like tradition under strong leadership. A house without a stable foundation will fall. Similarly, the church requires a strong pastoral team for it to thrive. This team should consist of individuals that you can trust with the most pressing issues.

Signs that a pastor can be trusted

  • They are servants to the church. In Colossians 1:25, Paul says that under the commission of God, he has become a servant. It is only in doing this that he can present God’s word to its fullness. Thus, a pastor in any church is to be the number one servant of the church.
  • They are faithful stewards of the word of God. Maintaining the focus on God without being swayed is the quality of a pastor you can trust. In an age where ministers are increasingly losing focus on their mandate, you can never take this for granted. A simple giveaway is all their actions and preaching glorifies God and not man or earthly possessions.
  • They have high integrity and a good reputation. A pastor you can confide in is to prove his or her worth by having an outstanding record. The integrity and ability to remain rooted as a vessel used by God shows they have immense value.
  • Other pastors and church leaders respect them. Good begets good, and a faithful pastor will always be admired with other ministers within and outside the church. This reveals a level of maturity that the Bible advocates for those commissioned for God’s work.
  • They are open and considerate to all their members. A pastor’s duty does not end after a sermon but is centered on building those around them. As a church member, you need the assurance that you have a pastor who is approachable and caring.
  • They handle personal issues with confidentiality. Many at times, Christians find themselves discussing private matters with pastors, and they need an assurance it won’t become public. A pastor who has served for years needs to have a rapport for guiding members without spilling out these issues.
  • They love and take care of their families. In 1st Timothy 3, there is a guideline for everyone who wants to serve in the church. One of the main points is that a minister has to know how to manage their family. It is only after doing this that they can be in charge of God’s church.
  • They make tough decisions based on the Bible. Challenges and confronts are bound to happen anywhere people are, and the church is not an exemption. A pastor must be known for having the wisdom to manage these situations without letting their members feel lost.
  • They know they are human and do not hide it. Pastors are not perfect, but people who have committed their lives to be used by God. This means they have slip-ups and challenges that they should be willing to accept.
  • They are prayerful. A pastor who leads a church always has to juggle lots of issues. The secret to remaining strong and enthusiastic every day is how much they pray. A pastor who loves praying will always be fresh and renewed to take care of the church.

Today, believers cannot ignore the practicality and essence of being a member of a church where they will feel appreciated. The nourishment and warmth that comes from having fellowship with other Christians always completes one’s life. Since churches are under the guidance of pastors, it is essential to know their attributes and abilities. In doing this, you get to have the right foundation to feel and attain the full measure of Christ’s love and fullness.

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