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Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas

Exterior wall cladding design has really evolved compared to the last decade. Back in the day, the brick was the most used component for building. These days, things changed. There are plenty of materials that you can choose for your exterior wall cladding. With so many available options, it can be a real challenge to choose the right material for your next project, but cladding contractors may help you.

People who want to stand out in their street should start with some of the fabulous exterior wall cladding options. Not only this, you should also consider wall prints from companies such as prints4sure.com. With the proper external wall cladding design, you can achieve a visually stunning home that has personality, individual style, and character. External wall cladding not only transforms your property aesthetic but also improve its durability and function. In this post, we will explore different exterior wall cladding ideas that should help you with your next project.

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1. Brick cladding

We couldn’t talk about exterior wall cladding design without mentioning old classic brick cladding. It is a good choice for houses and commercial buildings, available in a huge spectrum of colours. It is one of the oldest systems that has a striking finish and exceptional structural performance and advantages. Bricks are resistant, durable, weatherproof, non-toxic, and low maintenance. Bricks are available in a wide selection of finishes, colours, sizes, and textures.

2. Wood cladding 

Wood cladding has become increasingly popular lately as a great replacement for tradition brick material. Wood cladding provides home with an instant style update. Wood cladding is sustainable, practical external finish available in different types, grades, and profiles to suit your design vision.

3. Metal cladding

Metal cladding can be used as a supplement to your wall cladding. It provides a modern and industrial look. You can easily combine metal cladding with other traditional materials like Timber.

4. Ceramic cladding

Ceramic tiles were also well known in Ancient Egyptian times. Today, the terracotta cladding system is a very popular choice for construction projects. Ceramic cladding is specifically good as protection from elements and provides a nice finish.

5. Stone cladding

Stone cladding systems are cost-effective and practical. Stone cladding and faux stone siding creates a heritage feel, perfect for historic homes, and provides rustic charm if you’re looking for truly unique appeal.

6. Composite cladding

Composite cladding is a good choice as an alternative to timber cladding. It is generally made from a mix of plastic and recycled wood. It combines the old traditional appearance of wood and durability of composite.

7. Metal mesh cladding

It is out of the question that metal mesh cladding has its own unique look. One of the most versatile materials – metal mesh is great for shaping different design in order to create an interesting construction. It is also effective for privacy/sun protection.

8. Plastic cladding

Plastic wall cladding panels (also known as uPVC wall cladding) from suppliers such as Cladding Monkey are a popular and great supplement to your overall building facade. Plastic cladding is lightweight, usually cheap, and easy to install.

9. 3D cladding

3D cladding is undoubtedly becoming popular in modern architecture. People usually either love it or hate it. With this material, creativity is much more important than the material itself.