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How To Create The Perfect Dinner Party Setting

With more people staying at home to enjoy great meals, it could be time to up your hosting skills. A great way to go that extra mile if you’ve got visitors coming over is to create a stylish table setting to accompany fantastic food. It doesn’t have to look like you’ve stolen the Queen’s finest either to get a good layout; there are lots of modern options to create a unique look. 

So if you want to get creative and make your dining experience even more special, check out these tips to style the perfect setting.

Choose a theme

Selecting a theme is a great place to start when setting the ambience for your soiree. It doesn’t have to be extravagant either; you could just opt for a simple colour combo to base it around. Choosing a theme helps to keep everything looking sleek and consistent, and is an ideal way to complement the food. For example, you could opt for bright colours for exotic dishes or muted palettes for Asian cuisine. 

Setting the table

Next up is setting the table. Choose a simple yet hardy tablecloth to manage any spillages and keep your tabletop free from stains and marks. Centrepieces and runners are also a great way to present food so that everyone can help themselves. Then it’s on to the tableware. If you want some lovely compliments about your knives and forks, opt for the choice of stylish Sheffield cutlery sets at Lincoln House Cutlery. They add simplicity and luxury without the price tag and pair beautifully with glassware, dinner sets, and accessories. 

Set the ambience 

Another part of creating a perfect dinner party vibe is setting the mood of the room. Lighting plays a significant role in how the room looks and can make or break the overall ambience. Match the light (if you can) to the type of dinner party. For sophisticated sit-down meals, lower the lighting to reflect moodier tones. For vibrant and tuck-in type of meals, add colour and vibrancy to the room to match the party tone. 

Don’t forget the kids

If you’ve got kids coming to your dinner party, don’t forget the little touches to include them in the experience. For small tots, you could also add little games or colouring books to help them stay occupied for longer sitting periods. If a few children are visiting, then why not set up a kid’s table with a similar theme to ensure everyone is included in the fun. 

Add some music 

While you don’t want music blaring in the background, some soft ambient vibes can help to lift the mood in a room. It can also deter from those silences, although we’re sure there won’t be any! Keep the music level low unless, of course, you want to party the night away afterward. Just don’t forget about your neighbours. 

Creating a fantastic dinner setting is a great way to add a little something extra to mealtimes, even if it’s just you and the kids enjoying a celebratory dinner.