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Why Should You Use Cannabis Seed Oil As A Dietary Supplement?

Did you know that early settlers in America, who cultivated the rich, fertile landscape of the eastern United States a few centuries ago, required many farmers to grow and harvest cannabis by law? But why was that?

Nowadays, cannabis seeds are considered as the new superfood. Find out more about the unique nutritional benefits in this other article.

That is why this substance was so crucial for the first colonizers of America. If we fast forward to the present time, you will quickly find out that cannabis is now not so widespread both in America and in Europe. It is partly due to the popularity of marijuana, and the tricky laws that relate to the plant. Once people were encouraged to use the plant, it became illegal in many places around the world. Accordingly, a license is required in The UK for the cultivation of cannabis. However this does not apply to all states and countries, and it is very easy to find cannabis near me, particularly because of its wonderful medicinal purposes. 

Despite this difficulty, there is a steadily growing market for cannabis products in the country, including cannabis seeds and hemp oil. It is not surprising because cannabis has pretty significant nutritional benefits. In this article, we’ll look at five key health benefits you can get from marijuana. We also explain why you should use cannabis oil as a dietary supplement.

A brief history of cannabis seeds and their uses

The different cannabis seeds do not differ from each other. There is also no real difference between hemp and marijuana seeds in terms of essential nutritional value. In The UK, however, it is illegal to own cannabis seeds of any kind and to grow plants without a license. A license is usually only obtained for cannabis cultivation, and a tender for medical cannabis cultivation took place in 2018.

The lack of difference between the seeds occurs because cannabinoids do not exist in the seed. Only when a plant grows from the seed can they develop themselves in the stem, in the flowers and leaves of the plant. In other words, seeds do not contain CBD, THC, or other cannabinoid compounds.

Despite this lack of cannabinoids, cannabis seeds have an incredible range of health and nutritional benefits. They contain many essential fatty acids and proteins and are therefore a fantastic plant food.

Hemp is part of the Cannabis Sativa plant family, and its cousin is marijuana. Marijuana is notorious for its ability to give users a high. Accordingly, most of them are also known for their negative stigma.

Hemp, or cannabis CBD, on the other hand, is a little different. It contains less than 0.2% THC.

It is the cannabinoid, which is responsible for the “high”. That means you can’t punish anyone for using it. Instead, there is a high proportion of cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) in hemp, which is why its consumption can have some health benefits.

How can you eat cannabis seeds?

We are sure that you have now been convinced to try cannabis seeds. Why shouldn’t you benefit from all these advantages? Now you are probably wondering how you can consume the seeds.

It is possible to eat them raw, cooked, peeled, unpeeled or in the form of cannabis oil … practically in every conceivable way. It gives you different options to take advantage of all the benefits.

Although this means that you can take them straight out of the pack and use them, they are quite a bit tastier if you add them to other foods. For example, you can fry the seeds and combine them with another crisp, plant-based snack like green chips. Another option is to roast the seeds and then add them to boiling water with a few spices to make cannabis tea. Or you could buy cannabis oil and add it to your favourite meal!

Seeds can be sprinkled on porridge, quinoa, yoghurt, salads, hummus or smoothies to get a nutritious hemp kick. But you can also add cannabis oil as a dressing to your salads, something in your coffee drips or refine your curry sauce. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

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