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Simple Marketing Techniques to Draw Attention to Your Business

All businesses rely on marketing. It is how they can attract potential customers and stand out from your competition. Marketing is, however, one of the most challenging aspects within a business as what works for one business might not necessarily work for another. The same applies to different industries. So until you try it, you won’t know – even once you find a successful avenue, remember it might not stay like this forever, trends come in and out, customers change, and technology is often upgraded, which in turn affects your campaign.

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With so much uncertainty, you might think the best approach is to just try everything; however, realistically, you won’t have the budget or time for this. This is why you should always carry out thorough research on your competitors beforehand. In fact, this is advised. You can save plenty of time wondering what marketing techniques to try simply by doing your research beforehand. It will give you an idea of what other businesses are doing to secure custom and keep their business name in the spotlight. With help from guides such as this, too, you will have more direction on what marketing techniques to try out that have one single purpose: to attract attention. 

Below are some of the most straightforward marketing techniques that are guaranteed to draw attention to your business. 


When you have a business premises, it’s essential to let people know you exist. Many businesses make the mistake of setting up an office or workshop within a building without letting passers-by know that they’re located there. This is one of the biggest marketing mistakes you can make. Sometimes, all it takes is for a sign to attract the attention of a passer-by to remind them that they need a certain job doing. For example, a plumbing business with a sign above their premises may remind a potential customers that they need their bathroom replaced, without having to make much of an effort.

A sign is part of your branding and public image; therefore, it’s essential you have your sign professionally designed by a sign company with the skills and experience needed to understand what it takes to allow your business to stand out from the crowd.

Offer free classes and workshops

While you may be reluctant to offer your knowledge for free, it can work wonders for getting your business name out there. You could invite attendees to your office, into your home, or even online for people who want to either start a similar business or learn a particular skill as a hobby. It would be best interests to target a specific audience for these events so that your business name is being promoted to the right people.

Get charitable

Most businesses get involved with charities these days, not just to promote their business name but to make a difference in society. Not only will your team of employees be able to put their effort into a particular task that helps the charity, but it hasthe potential to promote your business with press coverage. Running an event can be costly, but this isn’t your only option to support a charity and advertise at the same time. Some charities organize their own events in which businesses can become sponsors.


One of the cheapest and most cost-effective methods of advertising is flyers and posters. Once these have been created, you have the freedom to distribute them anywhere that you believe could receive more business. This could be pushing flyers through the door or hanging up posters in public places such as shops, supermarkets, or cafes. If you find that there is one particular location that is generating the most leads, you have a clearer idea of where the majority of your target market is stemming from and which areas you should be targeting. Don’t forget that you can also get better marketing returns with metallic foil to flyers, so if you notice one area is particularly effective, try putting these high-quality flyers in the location and watch as your leads increase even further! 

Referral networks

Referrals are invaluable to any business and should never be overlooked. Not only are they extremely effective for building your customer base and generating more sales, but it also won’tcost you a penny. Customer referrals would be one aspect to consider. Once customers purchase from you, offer them a benefit such as a discount on their next order or a free gift if they refer your business to their own network.

Business to business referrals are also highly advised – however, other businesses may wish to get an idea of your reputation before referring you to their own customer base. There is a high likelihood you may also need to return the favour.