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Shield Your Skin from Harmful Free Radicals with These Facial Products

You may have heard the term “free radicals” in skin care commercials…but what does that actually mean, and how does it affect your skin?

In simple terms, free radicals are tiny reactive oxygen molecules that can cause damage to your skin with daily exposure. The more free radicals our skin is exposed to, the faster our skin ages and the older we look as a result. Whether you’ve had a facial in Singapore or your home town, you may have been exposed to free radicals.

Facial Products That Fight Free Radicals

Do you have wrinkles, dullness, dryness, unwanted pigmentation, or sagging? These are all effects that can be caused by free radicals. While you can’t eliminate exposure to free radicals, there are certainly specialized facial products that fight to reverse or diminish the unwanted side effects. 

Here is an esthetician-recommended list of some of these antioxidant facial products that will protect your skin from free radicals.

1. By Terry Detoxilyn City Mask 

Did you know our pores are often clogged with dirt and oil, which prevents the skin from absorbing the oxygen it needs, resulting in dull skin? 

But don’t worry, this anti-pollution fizzing mask has a way to protect your skin from city life and infuse it with oxygen hydration to restore it to health.

The Alpine rose native cells stimulate the antioxidant functions of the skin, which will protect your skin from free radicals, leaving your skin immediately firmer and radiant. 

It transforms into a creamy foam upon contact with skin, tightening the pores and improving your complexion.

2. Rhonda Allison Growth Factor Serum

This award-winning serum contains various natural ingredients, essential oils, and potent antioxidants. As one of the leading global skincare brands, Rhonda Allison products are fantastic for all skin types and skin issues.

Not only does Rhonda Allison Growth Factor Serumprotect your skin from free radical damage, but the epidermal growth factors also strengthen collagen within the skin, which leads to smoother and tighter skin. It is recommended for all skin types and approved for daily use.

3. Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops

This is like an invisible shield designed to protect the skin by providing a barrier against the environmental stressors and pollutants in the air.

The antioxidant-rich cocoa beans in it will protect you against the aging effects and degradation of the skin from blue light radiation coming out of our computers and phones.

These substantial drops will help the skin fight the oxidation and inflammation that are caused by the pollutants. 

Apply these drops on your face, neck, and eye area using a gentle patting motion after cleansing the skin or before applying face cream. 

The fact that this product is cruelty-free adds to the many reasons why we love it.

4. Moisture Bomb the Antioxidant Super Moisturizer

If its name isn’t convincing enough, the results will win you over – the powerful antioxidants in this product are used to help your skin fight against the free radicals and its effects.

It contains hyaluronic acid, which is used for moisturizing your skin, and goji berries, that are loaded with antioxidants. The wash leaves your skin feeling fresh and youthful.

For the best results, use it twice daily on the face and neck after cleansing.

5. DRMTLGY Advanced C E Ferulic

This formula, with a unique combination of Vitamin C, E, and Ferulic Acid, is a superior product that will help you fight against free radicals.

It is clinically proven to fight them and to deliver results in reversing the signs of aging – How amazing is that?

It increases the collagen production, reduces the fine lines and wrinkles, and corrects your pigmentation.

For best results, apply 4-5 drops to your face, neck, and chest after cleansing and toning in the morning.

6. Maelove Glow Maker

This serum contains a formula that is used to protect, nourish, and hydrate your skin. 

It contains Vitamin C, which is one of the most studied antioxidants and one of the favorites among dermatologists. It not only helps against the free radical damages but also leaves your skin nourished.

It also contains Ferulic Acid for antioxidant protection. 

Not only is it a practical and straightforward serum to use against free radicals, but it is also budget-friendly – a great combination!

7. Coola Radical Recovery Eco-Cert Organic After Sun Lotion

This after-sun lotion is enriched with natural ingredients, like aloe vera, lavender oil, rosemary extract, which will hydrate your skin. It also relieves the stress while protecting your skin from getting damaged due to sun exposure. 

The ingredients are from organic farming and are made using organic ingredients.

Apply it frequently before and after sun exposure.

8. Georgette Klinger Vitamin C Toner

This toner contains Kakadu Plum, which is the best shield of antioxidants that will protect you from free radicals. Toners are a great addition to any skincare routine and can have many benefits for the skin, such as:

  • Reducing redness
  • Brightening dull skin tones
  • Purifying pores
  • Getting rid of dark spots/pigmentation

Apply it twice daily after cleansing and before other steps in your regimen. Apply the toner with a cotton pad.

9. Volition Beauty Snow Mushroom Water Serum

This serum contains Snow mushroom, which hydrates the skin and Marine water, which minimizes the pores.

Despite the name, this product is fragrance-free, which is a great pick for those with more sensitive skin that can’t tolerate scents. 

It is recommended to reduce the redness and helps with smoothing fine lines if used consistently.

It leaves the skin feeling soft, shiny, and like new.

10. HydroPeptide Solar Defense Tinted

Last but not least, this amazing tinted sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection and radiant, even-looking skin. 

It protects from free radicals and also helps calm and soothe irritation. 

It’s great if you are going for a natural look without concealer or foundation. It matches most skin tones and will leave you with a gorgeous glow and will hydrate your skin.

Furthermore, it is also cruelty-free and vegan and does not contain any gluten.

Banish Free Radicals For Good!

Even though the aging of your skin is inevitable and complete prevention from free radicals is not possible, you can still take measures to avoid it. Look into the best ways to protect yourself from daily exposure and minimize it as much as possible so you can have a longer time to enjoy yourself with your youthful skin. Compliment your routine with some of the products mentioned above for the best results!