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How to Choose the Best Floor Tiles for Your Kitchen

If you’re building a new kitchen or redoing your current one, the tiles are one of the most important decisions that you’ll make. Tiles can completely change the look of your kitchen and help you achieve the design aesthetic that you’re going for. Beyond the design, it’s essential to pick functional tiles since they will get a lot of wear and tear.

From spilt food, dropped pots and pans, dirty shoes, dishwasher leaks and more, your kitchen tiles take a beating. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing your perfect floor tiles, and here are some design tips that will help you make your decision.


Concrete-look tiles are becoming increasingly popular for kitchens. They have an industrial feel to them, which is exceptionally modern and looks great when accented with metal fixtures. It’s incredibly durable, which makes it an excellent choice for kitchens, plus it comes in a variety of colours. There is shading on the tiles to make them look like genuine concrete, and you can pick a colour tone that matches the rest of your kitchen elements, like the wall paint and benchtops. You can find them from a tile shop in Leeds, and many other locations around the UK.

If you do decide to go for concrete-look, then you may need concrete grinding services.


If you have a more rustic kitchen and are going for that cosy cottage feel, then wood-look tiles will give you that. They might be porcelain, but they will look just like real wood, but without the upkeep. Using actual wood for your kitchen floors is not a good option, as it’s hard to clean, subject to water damage, and hard to maintain. With wood-look porcelain tiles, you will get that comfortable, homey vibe you’re going for, with the durability of porcelain.

Natural stone

Natural stone has been used forever to make tiles, and while it looks great, it’s also very porous and sensitive to moisture. Not to mention, it’s more expensive than porcelain tiles. The good news is that you can get the authentic look of natural stone mimicked in porcelain. You can find beautiful replications for all different types of natural stone at a great price point, meaning you get the same look for less. Natural stone-look tiles are versatile and go with both contemporary and traditional designed kitchens. Just note, caring for your stone flooring requires more products and care than other flooring types. So, learn more about stone flooring (more informations about Steinteppich if you’re from Germany), before purchasing.

Patterned and coloured tiles

Some people don’t want their flooring to be the focal point of their kitchen and would instead draw the attention upwards to other design elements. Alternatively, others want to take advantage of the opportunity to make a statement with their floor tiles. The best way to use your flooring as a design feature is with patterned or coloured tiles. With a variety of patterns available, you can make your kitchen look straight out of Italy with beautiful decorative tiles. Or use bold, solid colours to bring added character to your kitchen and modernise the look.

By using these tips, you can use your kitchen flooring as a design feature of the space and find a practical option that will last for years.