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Why and How-to Pre-Wash Your Car Before the Main Wash?

Why should you pre-wash your car?

You should always look to pre-wash your car before you take to it with a bucket and sponge because as you drive around, your car will pick up all sorts of dirt and grit that will be stuck your car. If you were to use a sponge straight on your car, the chances of spreading the grit on the paintwork and causing scratches or abrasions is quite high.

The idea behind a pre-wash it to remove as much dirt as possible without making contact with the car. You can do this a number of ways using various pre-wash products that are designed to remove as much dirt and grime as possible before the first contact wash. 

Snow Foam Pre-Wash

Snow Foam is great fun to use and as you can guess, it will make your car look like it is covered in snow! For this, you will need to use a pressure washer and a lance. Simply mix the guided Snow Foam solution and water and you are ready to go. Spray the car all over including the wheels and leave for the recommended time. Average 3-5 minutes.

The snow foam will work to breakdown the dirt leaving your car looking clean! You will be surprised how clean your car will be looking after the initial pre-wash. 

Bug and Grime Removal Pre-Wash

Bugs, grime and tar are something that our cars are covered get covered in on each trip and is something that sticks to your car even after a standard wash. Using a bug and grime remover will help breakdown the dirt meaning you can wash your car by hand without the stress of dirt not coming off.

Simply spray the grime remover around your car, leave for the designated dwell time then rinse. 

The two pre-wash techniques are strictly pre-wash only and are not recommended as a replacement contact wash with a sponge. The idea of these pre-wash steps is to soften the dirt and grime, so that it easily lifts from the paintwork without you have to scrub and cause accidental damage to your car.

After the Pre-Wash Steps

Once you have performed one or both of these pre-wash methods, your car is ready for its first contact wash. Your car will already be looking like new but there is still dirt that hasn’t yet been removed but will soon vanish with the car shampoo and sponge wash technique. Remember, always start with washing your wheels first! You don’t want to cover your clean washed door panels with mud and grime left over from your wheels.

Once you have your washed car, you can now dry with a drying towel before applying polish or a wax. You now have a fully washed car to enjoy or if you are cleaning inside and out, you can now make a start on the interior. Good Luck!