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How to Find a Roofing Contractor in 3 Simple Steps

Sourcing a roofing contractor to complete work on your property can seem like an overwhelming task. Not only are there so many different roofing companies out there to choose from but making sure that the one you pick can live up to your expectations and satisfy your needs can be incredibly daunting.

Maintaining your roof is fundamental if you want to avoid the risk of any potentially expensive repairs to your home in the future. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you hire a contractor that you can trust. So, let us discover 3 tips that can make it easier to choose the best roofing company for your roofing project.

Start Local

One effective strategy for finding a roofing contractor involves limiting your searches to companies that are local. Not only does hiring a local roofer ensure that they will be able to service your property, but, more often than not, they will also have an established business and a good reputation within your community. Simply searching ‘Roofing Houston’ might be all it takes to track down a local roofer. Moreover, any warranties are only as good as the longevity and reputation of the roofing company that you choose, so try to find a roofer that is not planning to close their business anytime soon.

That is not all though. When looking for a professional roof replacement, word of mouth recommendations from relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbours can be a fantastic place to start. You can also ask for referrals from other trades people that you trust, or from people that have had similar roofing work carried out on their property. Furthermore, if you do not know anyone who has experience working with any roofers in your area, then head to your nearest home improvement store, as they can usually help you to identify local roofers that can tackle your roofing project. That being said, when comparing contractors, the scale of your project can have an impact on the final cost of your roofing job so be sure to consider a range of options.

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Always Carry Out a Background Check

Before closing any deals, completing a background check on your chosen roofing company is essential. To begin, make sure that the company has a license, insurance, and the relevant certifications to get your roofing project completed safely and legally. Once you have established these prerequisites, it is safe to assume that the company you have chosen is trustworthy. Where possible, you should also seek out an extensive home warranty. It is no secret that if a roofer installs a roof incorrectly, it can take months or years for any damage to surface and this can lead to costly repairs if any insurance policies are no longer valid.

Similarly, regarding insurance, the roofing company you choose must have insurance for all employees and subtractors. They should also be willing to provide a copy of their insurance certificate for validation. Inadequate insurance can lead to litigation between roofers and homeowners if an employee is injured on the job and so it is wise to ensure everyone working on your roof is appropriately insured. Additionally, larger roofing projects often require a local building permit. Upsetting the local authorities can have devastating consequences but by checking that protections are in place you can protect both your property and your finances.

A good way to vet local companies is by using the internet to search for reputable companies in your area, by typing something like ‘trusted Redmond roofer‘ into your search engine. This will allow you to search online for each company’s credentials as well as read reviews or find any potential warnings from other customers, which can help you gauge which roofer will be the best to use. 

Try to Avoid Canvassing Roofers

One golden rule when looking for any kind of contractor is that it is usually best to avoid door-to-door salespeople. More often than not roofers that knock on doors uninvited and claim to be ‘passing through your neighbourhood’ are using sales techniques and forceful tactics to pressure homeowners into work that might not even be necessary. ‘Storm chasing’ style roofing scamsare unfortunately on the rise, and so it is important to be vigilant. As mentioned above, your chances of success are much higher if you use your contacts to find a roofer in your area with satisfied clients that can discussthe quality of any work completed.

Accordingly, you should also organize a meeting with the roofers on your shortlist before signing a contract. When meeting a potential roofer for the first time, pay attention to their communication skills. Explain theplans for your roof and be prepared to ask questions about their business. The best roofer for your job will be able to assure you that they have the skills necessary to get your roof looking exactly how you want it at the best possible price and within a reasonable time frame. Generally, if you feel that your plans were understood, this is a positive sign that you have found the right roofer for the job.

Ultimately, whether your roof simply needs a few small fixes or entirely replacing, finding the right roofer for your project is fundamental. Above all, although it can be tempting to hire the first contractor you can find,taking the time to track down a roofer that is trustworthy, honest, and professional can safeguardyour home and your bank balance.

Carrying out regular maintenance on your roof is the key to ensuring that it stands the test of time. To learn more, take a look at this essential guide to roof maintenance.