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How to dispose of your old down duvet

If you’ve recently bought a new down duvet and the old one is really of no use anymore, you need to get rid of it. You maybe be thinking, what’s the best way to dispose of it? Read on, if you want to find out how to dispose of an old down duvet.

Disposal of down duvet

The disposal of an old down duvet can be done in several ways. Each way depends of course on the reason for disposal. Environmentally friendly disposal is one of the great advantages of a high-quality down duvet over synthetic duvets, since cotton and down are natural products.

Reasons for disposal

There are many reasons for disposing of a down duvet, which can be summarised in three parts, namely the regular replacement of your down duvet, damage to the cover and damage to the down.

  1. Periodic replacement of your down duvet. If, after the average service life of a down duvet of about seven to ten years, you feel like getting a new one, then all disposal and reuse options are open to you, provided that the down and the cover do not have any significant defects.
  2. Damage to the cover. Cotton sleeves of high-quality down duvets are down proof, which classifies them as particularly fine and yet resistant. If there is damage to the cover, it is due to heavy soiling or physical damage to the cover structure (holes). Disposal then depends on the type of contamination or the extent of damage to the cover.
  3. Damage to the down. What damage can down suffer? They can be sticky, dirty or broken. In all three cases they only have part of their former insulating properties. Depending on the nature of the respective contamination of the down, it must be disposed of in compost or in household waste.

Disposal methods for the entire down duvet

Separating the down from the cover is more or less complex, depending on the type of quilting, so overall disposal concepts save time and nerves.

Recycling organisations

Even if you no longer wish to use your duvet personally, some organisations consider it a recycled material. Possible points of contact here are the donation of old clothes and local recycling or reusable material centres. Depending on the condition of the down duvet, it may also help people in need against excessive cold.

Reuse of the entire down duvet

If you no longer find that the duvet offers optimum sleeping properties, but still have your heart set on it, you should think about a creative re-use. Your own imagination sets the limits here. One idea would be to use it as a cuddly outdoor blanket in the car, for barbecues or camping.

Disposal methods for a separated down duvet

If the separation of cover and down is successful, down as a single material can be recycled or used as a compost.

Recycling or reusable material yard

Ask your recycling or reusable materials centre whether you can dispose of the down with the green waste free of charge. Try to avoid plastic bags for the sake of the environment.


Down is a natural product that is subject to the usual natural decay and is therefore suitable as a fertiliser. When composting, make sure that down composts faster if it is mixed into the compost mass and does not form a layer as down lumps.

The cover of our down duvet is made of cotton. As soon as the cover is perforated or otherwise physically unusable, it can be fed into the recycling cycle via the old clothes donation and it will be shredded.